Sunday, January 24, 2010

This page is currently under construction to make it easier for my readers. However, since you've found you're way here, you obviously want to contact me (great!) I can be found at the following sites:



If this is a PR request, feel free to email me at the above address or I can also be reached at 

I'm a happy blogger, married with five wonderful kids, I'm a SAHM & my hubby brings home the bacon. I'm originally from New Zealand, but the States (particularly Utah) are my home now. My husband was born & raised in this amazing country, so this is where we'll raise our little patriots.
I'm Maori and love to find other polynesian bloggers -so hit me up with some comment love if you are one ... yanno what? Hit me up with some comment love even if you're not, I'm a comment HOG!

Please also note that my kolobstar gmail is not for the purpose of contacting me in relation to a blog comment, question or otherwise. 

 If you have a question, comment or just want to talk, please contact me at either of the afor mentioned sites, other than kolobstar.

Thank you for your paitence while I work on this site, and if you're requesting a button, or any other blog or graphic request, please keep in mind that I'm only beginning, and right now I'm only doing buttons or backgrounds, or banners. Headers require a lot more involvement, and running a blog, while still giving it a facelift, trying to respond to pr  requests AND answer comments left for me all while raising 5 kids .... I need an extra set of arms. So please be paitent.
Thank you for stopping by 20 To Life!

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