Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday + words ...?

I might as well post my Wordless Wednesday now, while I have time - then I'm going to post about my super terrific day, sort of a two-for-one thing. First the pics - all I'm going to say is "I FIT IT!.. and it's kinda big" then start a round of applause.

the pictures are horrid, but the point was for the dress. which i fit. My mother is going to bitch & moan say something about being able to see (a bloody sliver) of my tattoo - so let me add, for her benefit,  I had no idea you could see it. No, it isn't becoming. And of course I don't want about 5 more in various spots. ;)
- also the first one was my son making me laugh (& I was trying not to wake everyone up with my hyiena-like laugh) :D

Ok, so onto my random post - Tammy. (As in Tammy from Tammy Two Cents) You completely made my night - keep reading, and do let me know.
It rained here and flooded our new grass, so my poor boys were out most the day digging a trench to deter the water, although as bad as I felt - I sure wasn't going out in that. The 2 year old is slowly becoming human again - her fever has passed, she's on the high side - but loves to all of you who sent me something like 53 emails wishing her well. Thank you.

Also - am I the only one who's dying to see Alice in Wonderland? Everyone I mention this to gives me a "look" while nodding "Oh, yes. I'd like to see it too" in that tone reserved for old people and children. Helena Bonham Carter - how could you not love her?

Ok, I'm done filling you in on random nothingness. Have a great day, let me know if you have a WW up so I can come by & snoop, & other than the grass being flooded - good thoughts that it keeps raining. I love rain. :)

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Jack and Alex Manning said...

Okay, a)gorgeous in that dress, b)I'm glad I'm not the only mom in her thirties (though I don't know if you are, in fact, perhaps you are much younger than me, if so, disregard) who has plans for future tatoos, c)I want to BE Helena Bonheme Carter.

Have a great Wednesday!

Peryl (login is old id. as you probably know by now. don't know how to fix that with blogger, does anyone else?)

Ladybug Mama of 2 said...

Hey just wanted to let you know that there's an award for you over at my blog.

Anonymous said...

I have one just like it. ;)

Polly said...

lovely post - I love a decent bit of random nothingness!!

Robin said...

The dress is gorgeous on you..randomness is good..!

Heff said...

How in the HELL did you get so many followers ?

Tammy said...

I am still is getting so good! I might run to Borders tomorrow to get number 2 because I will probably finish book one this weekend and will want to start book 2!
Last night: Wrath almost killed Butch, W took B to his place and she just found out she is half-bred...then the chapter ended and I needed to get to bed. I will be back at it tonight! Thanks for telling me about these...they are so good!

Tammy said...

...and P.S. The dress is beautiful!

SafeHomeHappyMom said...

I am now following your blog from a late Friday Follow. This is a neat and chic blog, I will be reading up more. You can also follow me at i'm sure you will like it too.

Blessing @ Safe Home Happy Mom

Peggy said...

Gorgeous in the dress!! I am glad that your little one is feeling better and I am a bit older than you and I want to see Alice in Wonderland looks awesome!!

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