Thursday, May 19, 2011

If all else fails - blog it

To those of you reading this, I'm posting tonight because I need a new computer. My son had a school project in which he had to create a video biography on anyone of his choice. He chose Jamal Lewis. (I didn't know who he was either. Apparently an awesome running back in the NFL. Retired.)

Anyway, after spending hours making his masterpiece, we couldn't publish the dang file! I tried converting it, tricking my computer & sending it, copying it, anything & everything - I gave it a shot, all to no avail. Our last resort was to video tape his file as it was  playing on the computer, & try to load that .avi file onto the flash drive. And guess what? It still didn't work! So now we're down to the bare bones, & I'm pasting a copy of the video of the file he made with windows movie maker.


Now, if anyone reading this is thinking to themselves - 'all they had to do was this very simple process & it would've been fine' .... well, save it. I'm so beyond done with this project it isn't funny, so I'm posting it here in the hopes that at the very least, he can show his teacher that he really did do the required work (& as a straight 'A' student, it's definitely imperative) & hopefully the trauma of this whole situation will influence the powers that be into providing me with a new computer.

On with the show ....

Jamal Lewis

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasure TV

So, I'm not sure if anyone else ever does this, but do you ever find yourself watching some random channel & becoming completely immersed in whatever show happens to be on? It's something you don't admit to anyone that you've seen, let alone waited for the commercials to be over to see if he leaves her for that skankish girl who's no good for him, or if those teenage mothers actually make it to the end of the show still with the stellar guy who knocked her up.

Me? Well I'm guilty of doing this. Sadly, more than once, with multiple low-brow shows.
Even worse is the fact that the producers of said shows have a target audience & more than likely, they aim for people far younger than myself ...who still attend high school ...and who don't really get the mockery & subtle jokes that leave me rolling around in stitches (case in point : Family Guy)

Of course if I was ever asked what TV I do waste my time watching, I wouldn't be able to help having the titles, "Teen Mom", or "Mob Wives" jump into my mind. (And I just noticed, both these shows air on MTV. I am so pathetic....)

And then, there are the shows that will guarantee I end up crying. Any ICU or emergency hospital show involving kids or a hard luck case - I'm bawling.
A baby show, watching the poor mother go through all those hours of labor, (secretly thanking your lucky stars that  you're not splayed all over the TV & hoping that you never looked like that - cussing & grunting - to get your 'oh-so-precious-just-get-the-damn-thing-OUT-of-me' bundle of joy here.)

You can lay money down that I will be sniffling as soon as that first high pitched squawk is heard. This has also, on occasion, embarrassed my children when friends happen to be hanging out & they have the unfortunate timing to need me for something during Mom's "TV slash alone time"

(And no, they STILL haven't figured out the 'alone' part of this. It's also happened whenever I'm on the phone, trying to make an important point or just any general, another-time-would-be-better moment)

Well, that's my (I guess 'vent'??) post for the day. I figured I should get in another one because every time I entered a giveaway I would see my old post attached to the end of my entry & it was a great way to make me feel like the 'Blogger who Lacked'. So voila! Here I am, amending that sitch. Also, there are some fabulous giveaways rocking the blog world. Check out my buttons, to the right, pick any of those & you'll come across some excellent sites with fantastic pointers, tips, freebies, codes or giveaways.

Until next time!

P.S I do have to add really quickly that despite my horrendous taste in TV, I have NEVER lowered myself to Maury or Jerry Springer. Or MSNBC for that matter ;)
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