Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ok, so I couldn't wait til Monday...

I was waaay to excited to wait until Monday before posting my "piece de resistance", & although it's not entirely done, & needs a bit of tweaking, consider this my Blog Coming Out post, if you will.
A lot of man hours have gone into this puppy, so I'm hoping she gives back as much as she took.
I'm also considering adding a tab on my "fetal stages" menu bar about blog design. Free buttons you can link to your site and all that good stuff. But to build that up to an eclectic selection will be a slow process but worth it.
I'm also putting serious consideration into another new venture from which some have never returned .... potty training. It's overdue, & lets face it. Nobody enjoys changing those nasty surprises, so it has to be done. And you'd think after 4 kids, I'd be a pro with my 5th, but truthfully, I'm nervous. This means she's not really a full 'toddler' anymore. My apron strings are loosened a little, & I hate the thought of that. I bet I'm one of those grandmothers who smothers their grandchildren with goodies trying to capture a small part of what I won't have at that stage. I hope not! But in all honesty - don't bet on me not too. :/

Also, as a side note - I won another giveaway!! I tell you what, this giveaway business has sure been lucrative for me, this makes number 8 or so!
This one was from Jessica over at Piece of Me blog, which has a layout that I really like, her button is to the right so go check out her fantastic giveaways as well.

Well, it's late (again) my husband has given up on even seeing me before he falls asleep these days, I NEED TO FINISH MY BLOG! But paitence is a virtue, or so they say.
My twitter link isn't up, & a few people have asked me about that, so my twit name is Malice, so feel free to follow me - I have cool tweets about other giveaways (soon, MY own!!) & pieces of random, useless information - but it's all decadent so worth a read ;)
Thanks for bearing with me during this construction phase, I'll have all my bells & whistes back soon enough, & we can 'ooh & ahh' together.

Also - if you feel so inclined - let me know ...
1: Why do you blog?
2: Have you met a 'Blog Snob'?
3: Favorite blog? (other than this one of course!)
4: If you had a chance to go visit the troops in Iraq - would you go?

Well, that's all folks - til next time.

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Natalie A. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! I'm now following your blog!
I blog because it's fun and a way to help relieve some stress by getting my mind off of some things!
Don't miss out on my Valentine Giveaways that will be posted this week on the 21st & 22nd!
Have a great week!

sheila said...

I blog for sanity.
Yes, I've met a couple blog snobs, lol. That's funny!
favorite blog? Gosh, I have quite a few favorites and I add to them every once in a while.

casey aubut said...

I am now following you too from Friday Follow!

Robin said...

Hi How are you.. Im a new follower...I love those questions..
I blog because its fun and although Im kinda new..I used to have just and arty blog but lost it so Im starting over and Im full fledge blogging
What do you mean by blog snob..not commenting, following or emailing back..?..then yes..but I drop em like a hot potato...oh Yeah..!
No favorites yet
I dont know about Iraq..under certain circumstances..?
I would go...

Jessica said...

Nice way to get your readers invloved, and good luck with the potty training. The after my last child was potty trained I wanted to throw a party with all the money I would not be spending on diapers.

1: Why do you blog? Because I love community and I feel alot of my friends are online.
2: Have you met a 'Blog Snob'? Oh yeah baby.
3: Favorite blog? (other than this one of course!)Happily Blended
4: If you had a chance to go visit the troops in Iraq - would you go? yes

Theta Mom said...

Let me just tell you I love your blog title!!! Brilliant and so true! lol

As for blogging, I began my blog as a way to begin the conversation of what it means to be a true, authentic (Theta) Mom and can't believe how many amazing women I have met along the way...

And thanks so much for the follow from Follow Friday...I am having GFC issues and unable to sign in right now (it's me not you) soon as I can, I'll return the follow. At least I know where I can find you! Look forward to blogging with you!

starnes family said...

Hi, there!

Just came over from my blog after seeing your comment. Glad you could join in. Happy to find your blog and I'm a follower now, too.

Love that you call us "stalkers", by the way. Good stuff. I like you already.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Thanks for coming by! I AM a blog snob..can't you tell?? I have about 100 favs, which is why i don't ever get anything but blogging done!! Following you back!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the Friday Follow. I am here to return the follow and check out your great blog. I really like your writing style and the cute little stick figures in your header.
Questions! Fun! I wanna answer them, so here goes:
Q. Why do you blog? A. It started out as a way to take advantage of those extra entries in blog giveaways, but has sorta turned into an addiction.
Q. Have you met a 'Blog Snob'? A. A couple of them. I won't name any names though.
Q. Favorite blog? A. Mine! Ok, seriously...There are many but one is The Review Broads.
Q. If you had a chance to go visit the troops in Iraq - would you go? A. Yes. I have friends and family there I would love to see.

Anonymous said...

Hello, hello! I am now a blog follower. Thanks for joining up with Friday Follow.

1: I blog to escape my daily grind.
2: I have not met a true 'Blog Snob' yet. Where can I find one?
3: Too many to pick on favorite blog, really!
4: If I could be beamed over to Iraq to visit, yes I would. I don't like long airplane rides though.

Emmy said...

Yes potty training is never fun... plus even if you have done it before every kid is so different.

Julie said...

Good eveinng...
1. I blogged at first because Kim told me to do it. A good record she said. I know blog because I so love meeting all these new people. The ideas, the support, the kindness, the love. That's why I blog.
2. I don't know what a "blog snob is", I haven't met anyone to call that.
3. My favorite blog, there's just so many. I'll say Kim's because she started me out.
4. If I could get there by land, yes I would go there. I'd do anything for our soldiers.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Friday Follow is so terrific.

Take care. God Bless you and yours.

Ashley said...

Thank you for the supper sweet comment you left over at my blog!

You know none of my nephews or niece actually were potty trained? I've always found that strange. One day in all of their lives they just decided they wanted to use the big potty. (My youngest nephew stopped wearing diapers before he was three!)

& boy do I love giveaways! All these bloggers & companies are so kind to offer such wonderful giveaways!

I like these questions!

1: Why do you blog?
I blog because I love it. I don't have a deep answer, but the one I gave is so true! :D

2: Have you met a 'Blog Snob'?
Actually I have never met a blog snob. They have all been so kind. I'm sure there are some out there, but I've never ran across them.

3: Favorite blog? (other than this one of course!)
Hmmm.. That's a hard one for me. I love so many!

4: If you had a chance to go visit the troops in Iraq - would you go?
Absolutely. They have all done so much for me, what's a little of my time for them?

Mellisa Rock said...

Thanks for stopping by my blogs-- I am in the process of getting together another one if you can believe it-- although I will only be contributing once a week so not to much work!!

I love love love your blog design!! I bought mine-- since I have no idea how to do that stuff! Bravo on a job well done!!

I blog to participate!! I used to just read and enter giveaway's but now I get to be a part of the blog community-- I have made some friends and I am loving it!!

Blog snob? not yet-- although I think that wordpress is making some of them... :)

My favorite blog is It's hip 2 save and Free Sample Freak (Brandie's was the first blog that I ever found!! She had helped me turn my mailbox into Christmas-- stop by tomorrow and check out all the awesome free stuff I have got in the mail!!


Chacoy said...

L-O-V-E the blog title; with a ball and chain;}
I'm following back via FF, what a great way to meet new bloggers eh?(no i am not from canada)

I thought the Slice was kind of cool, worth the money, same as the cricut? who knows, I think they just want you to buy all of their crap
See ya soon~

Chacoy said...

Crap, I forgot I also took your button and put it in my button/banner section;}
I am not one to beg, but I will- I just got a new button, will you please come and get it?lol
oh how sad and pathetic I sound- oh well I have a button and I am happy, happy, happy about how it turned out damn it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting and following! I love your title and blog concept. Keep up the good work. I'm following you as well. Stop by every Wednesday and link up!

sweetpea08 said...

Thank you for visiting and following my blog! I love your blog title and I look forward to visiting your blog often (wish I had time to answer your questions, but my baby is crying)!

Oh My Baby said...

Thanks for stopping by I'm following you now too :)

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