Thursday, May 19, 2011

If all else fails - blog it

To those of you reading this, I'm posting tonight because I need a new computer. My son had a school project in which he had to create a video biography on anyone of his choice. He chose Jamal Lewis. (I didn't know who he was either. Apparently an awesome running back in the NFL. Retired.)

Anyway, after spending hours making his masterpiece, we couldn't publish the dang file! I tried converting it, tricking my computer & sending it, copying it, anything & everything - I gave it a shot, all to no avail. Our last resort was to video tape his file as it was  playing on the computer, & try to load that .avi file onto the flash drive. And guess what? It still didn't work! So now we're down to the bare bones, & I'm pasting a copy of the video of the file he made with windows movie maker.


Now, if anyone reading this is thinking to themselves - 'all they had to do was this very simple process & it would've been fine' .... well, save it. I'm so beyond done with this project it isn't funny, so I'm posting it here in the hopes that at the very least, he can show his teacher that he really did do the required work (& as a straight 'A' student, it's definitely imperative) & hopefully the trauma of this whole situation will influence the powers that be into providing me with a new computer.

On with the show ....

Jamal Lewis

11 reactions!:

JeanetteSchenk said...

Your son did a phenomenal job - I love the music choices! Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

That pretty good stuff. I suck at window's movie maker or I would do more funny skits on my blog. Heff has to do the movie making on my blog. That sucks that the computer was messing up.

Polly said...

What a great job, I too love his chosen soundtrack. Heres hoping he gets an A+

Joe. said...

Since no one has yet "tsked" the musical score, it's safe to say - Big Happy Face! you're all trashingly refined. My favorite kind of blogging peeps. You. Complete. Me.

Toyin O. said...

This is pretty good, kudos to your son:)

Kimberly said...

I love it! We do what we have to do for our children. I hope he gets his A!

Terra Heck said...

I've got to say that's pretty genius thinking, considering the circumstances. He did a swell job. Here's hoping he gets an A.

Anonymous said...

Amazing music choices! Awesome job!

Lauralee said...

Hope it works out for you. :-)

Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! Awesome!

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