Sunday, November 22, 2009

Feeling not so flowery

I decided I wasn't feeling my template at all, although if you want to enter a giveaway for a specialized template, click this link, HERE
Jennifers blog, J. Leigh Designz, is a definite must-follow. She has great giveways, a decent sense of humor, and this particular giveaway is a whole new blog layout from Starlite Web Designs. I've entered, because I could use an attractive new layout, a nice looking place to hold my ramblings, recommendations and general chit chat. I bet if I tried really hard, I could make one, but why bother when you have talented people who don't charge much at all (check out the price range of Starlite - it's almost like your robbing them, the prices are so cheap!) So I'm thinking I'll get Craig to buy a package for me for Christmas - that's if I don't win. My fingers are crossed! So, since I have some time tonight, I decided to do my Lively Links! which for those of you who don't know is basically my 'one-stop-for-all' the links that are definitely worth your time and effort to click on. Some are to great giveaway sites, others are actual freebies, and still others are just great deals I think are worth bringing to you. So without further ado!

Free Skin Care Pack this is a link to 'Share your concept' who are introducing a new lin of skincare.
Garnier Renew Eye Cream   is a sample offered graciously by WalMart, who now and then have fabulous free samples!
Pond's Rujuveness Sample this is a sample from '', which is a site I'm unfamiliar with, but fill the form out & your sample is on it's way!
Free Blockbuster Rental Express Kiosk for this freebie, it's a code for Blockbuster Express Kiosks, as there isn't one available where I live,  I don't know that this will absolutely work. Enter : PUBLIX3 & then PUBLIX4 for 2 free dvd's. This code will expire 12/20/09
SeeHere 50 free cards this is a GREAT offer, available thanks to freebies4mom which is another really cool site, I recommend you follow her as she finds amazing deals! This is a code valid until the 30th of this month, so you better hurry in! It's valid for the 5x7, or 4x8 cards (some codes work sometimes, for different sizes, you may have to chop & change until you find what works! For me, I received my cards, they're beautiful, and well worth it) You have to sign up for SeeHere, and upon checkout enter the code: freebies4mom-1109 another code that works is "newbaby" although I'm fairly certain you will have to pay s&h, which is around $3.00. A fantastic deal!

And that's the Lively Links! for today, I hope they all work for you. Also, as I said about 'freebies4mom', thats a great site - so is 'J. Leigh Designz' in fact, this site is one of my personal favorites, so again, I encourage you to google friend follow her, email subscribe and Facebook or Twitter her.
Also, if you want to Facebook me, go here, and Twitter, here.

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