Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lively Links 11/16

Lively Links

free Mocks Twister follow the Facebook instructions to get this cute little treat.

free Thanksgiving eBook you'll have to click the popup page that appears (top left hand corner) then download this great seasonal eBook!

Christmas Open House giveaway this is from a GREAT blog, "Audrey's Country Crafts", which I personally love, and this is a great giveaway. There's alot involved in the entries, but it's a fun one too!

free Empress Hair Care Sample this is a great hair care product, that I personally love. Click here for your free sample!

free Signature Scent Sample this is a great one, you can sign up with different email address to grab more than one sample! My personal favorite, "Sandalwood". hmmmm

Target Tote Bag filled with Samples This is an offer redeemable when you sign up on Target's Baby Registry.

Kodak Gallery $15 gift This ends soon (11/18) so hurry over there, sign up and recieve your FREE $15.00 credit, redeemable when you checkout, although it should be noted that when I tried this, the gift code didn't cover my shipping costs.

*** If you have any trouble viewing these samples (giveaways, other than Audrey's will be tommorrows post) they most likely have expired.

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