Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FREE earrings

Ok, so it's rather late, I know I'll pay for this come tomorrow, BUT! I have another freebie. So, you go here which is a site called "Urban Original", they have teamed up with the magazine, Seventeen, to offer a giveaway, good from today (November, 24th, 2009) until January 2010 sometime, or until they run out of a FREE pair of gorge earrings! To claim them, in the spot that asks for a promo code, the code is "earrings"
I, of course have already procured myself a pair, I do actually like them, otherwise I would never have bothered. They're definitely my style, so if you like that (I see you rolling your eyes Katie!!) go ahead and grab yourself a pair. I also tried the redbox code : DLLNS26 and got a free movie (yay), only there wasn't much to pick from and I got kind of a dud (bleh). I won't post what the name of this horrific movie is, in case there's someone who liked it, although I would rather have chewed broken glass.
Anyway, time does trickle on, I better get to bed. Go try that link and check the redbox code. Oh! And wish me luck, my whole family is sick (well ... I guess only 2 people are actually sick, but it's only a matter of time!) so lets hope my lupus will stop me from getting sick. About the only thing it's bloody good for. Night!

2 reactions!:

Ryan and Donna said...

Always looking for more redbox codes. Thanks for the hookup.

Joe. said...

oh, my pleasure. I was telling the random people behind me and some looked at me like I was honestly somehow scamming them of their one dollar ...

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