Sunday, November 29, 2009

I thought I'd post a little something tonight as I enter my many, many giveaway oppotunities, which I love doing. I won something last night (Fabulous!) and I love that you can enter these giveaways and if you win, there's another great gift for someone, that I didn't have to buy. Mind you, I always read the reviews first, because even if it's something you like, you never know a "CON" that someone else may have. (Or a benefit). It always pays to get a few opinions before buying, so why not with a giveaway? Another thing I love is sometimes there's a giveaway that you absolutely adore, so you end up buying the item if you don't win.

Anyway ... I have a friend who is moving soon, but other than that, there's really no big news in my life, at the present (and touch wood, cos no news is good news ... right?)

Well, I'll turn in, just leaving alittle note to acomplish my 'don't-forget-to-post rule. :D

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