Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's nearly here ...!

Well, it's nearly "that" night again. The one where even as an adult, you still get excited, there is definitely something magical about Christmas Eve, and then Christmas Day. If you're a parent, or in a relationship, or if there's just you - this time of year holds a special feeling, and the closer it gets to the actual day - the 'softer' we all feel inside. Or at least I like to think so. We're more giving, feel more loving, want more for others. Christmas music is all you can hear in our house this time of year - I think up Christmas activities for my kids to do, watch movies related to Christmas - Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.
But at the heart of it all, I sometimes forgot who this is all about. A line from "The First Noel" '...and with His blood, mankind is bought...born is the King of Israel..' How can you even begin to give thanks for that great man who gave all, for each of us? Incidentally, here is a link for a free download from The Fray - a band I adore, singing 'The First Noel'. Fitting for this season, it's beautifully sung, soft - not a lot of instruments drowning out the song. Just mostly singing - it's beautiful.
I also wanted to add, while I'm posting, a quick "thinking of you" to some friends of ours who received some awful news, for which I'm so very sorry. Know that there is someone waiting for you - & it will be all the more special when they get here, because you are having to fight for them. There is no greater love than that. I'm praying for you guys to be comforted this season, we're thinking of you and I wish there was more I could say that didn't sound so 'trite', but, as C said, (or to the tune of) When they get here, because you fought so hard - it makes you a better you-know-what (I don't want to post it, because it's private and then everyone reading this know your business, even if you're anonymous) All our love you guys. xx

Also I want to send some thanks out to some special Moms who place time & energy into posting a thing I go on and on about - giveaways. Basically (for those not in the know) it's a company seeking out a blog site and asking them to review a product they have, and they usually give one or two to the Mom to pass on to what is called a "follower", someone who actually clicks a link on the site and does follow their site. There are criteria to entering, it's posted under the part where the Mom will say "Want to win it?" after she's given her review.
Anyway - it's a lot of time, effort, time away from being "mom" or "the Mrs.", then you have to pick someone (usually done via. Random.org) email them, make sure they answer you in the allotted time, etc. etc.etc.
And at this time of year - ladies it's a lot to ask for the time you give up. I thought it was cute, MommyDaddyBlog host posted (not in a giveaway, just a post) apologizing for not having gotten to her giveaways yet, her "family life" was taking priority number one at the mo', and I thought it was not only appropiate, but very cute.
Well, my thanks (after much rambling! I'm just in one of those moods tonight. To chat and chat) go to 2 sites that I won AGAIN!!
I tell you, someone is watching over me, because the giveaways I've won are super freaking fantastic, and so needed right now!
The first was from a site called "Abut Life" and it's this cute site that has just the most adorable giveaways, the header picture is what I love the most - the Mom is Cassandra (available on her about me page - so I'm not posting anything personal) & the pic is of her two children and it's beautiful - anyway! I won a gorgeous dress from GirlieBows - which is an etsy store (closed for the holiday, but will re-open on the 3rd of January, and go take a look, they're a great Boutique!) And the dresses are not only adorable - they're very reasonably priced!

The second is from a new site I found TODAY!! (thanks to another Mom on twitter), called Blogger Mommies and from what I understand, they're a bunch of Moms who ave a store called "A Baby Store Plus" which is an actual store in Colorado! So thanks to these ladies I won a Buddy Top Hat (for kids) !! The cutest dang things you will ever see - my favorite was "Chip, the Chick" - honestly, when I was entering, I could not take my eyes off it!
So thank you and Merry Christmas to both sites - AND! On top of all this, while I was posting the UPS man drops a package off, and I was thinking it must be some of my winnings (*grin*) and it turned out to be this site for the magazine Self, that at one time had a post about people who wanted to join to try out new products - I joined forever ago and guess I just thought they forgot about me, or picked someone else - well they send you products to try, (I received 4 full size, expensive branded) products to try (hair treatment, face cream, girly stuff :D), then I submit my opinion by a certain date - and if that wasn't cool enough - if I do it within the time limit - I am then entered into another "lucky you" type deal where they will draw a winner for the entire series with a value of $2000!!  I tell you - my luck is just looking up!! A Big Seriously HUGE Thank You to all who strive to make (and have made) my holidays just fabulous this season (and that includes my friend Katie who goes above and beyond)
I'm just floating - and what rocks? Watching my kids enjoy the magic of this season also!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for dropping by & I'm glad you liked what you saw. I'm always up to some fun things on my blog, so please do drop by often. Looking forward to the New Year. Merry Christmas to you!

Malice said...

Oh, it's my pleasure - I can't believe you redid a bedroom for $500!! That's absolutely amazing.
Beautiful home, & Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! xx

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