Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little Giveaway Win to pick up my spirits ...

Well! I didn't check my emails first thing, which I usually do, & I had to come home early from church because my back is killing me again (of course) & I've been feeling badly about Toombes, & my best friend keeps buying gifts for my family, which makes me feel guilty (cos I can't return the favor) and then this afternoon I checked annnnd ... voila! I WON ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!
Can you believe that! After all my rotten luck lately - I won something! I wonder how many times you can win from the same site before they ban you from entering ...?
So this gorgeous giveaway was for a Belly Charm Braclet, which uses swarovski crystals in most, or all of their products - they're adorable! I highly suggest a look see if you're yet to finish your holiday shopping, because they're reasonably priced, they look amazing, and I'm psyched I got one - so the 'receiver' in your life will be too!

And who do I have to thank for the obnoxious smile plastered all over my face?? Why - Felicia, over at Go Graham Go, (look to the right because her button should be right there. Click it, go look around her site - make sure you follow her, get email subscriptions, the works!) I'm very excited to get this, if the pictures are anything to go by, this gift will be my most favored yet!

And on the note of receiving, I did get both my winning gift from "Audreys Country Crafts Giveaway" & "Christies Cottage" (they teamed up together if you remember my previous blog about the huge giveaway) So I got the knitted cuff with this adorable button, 2 Christmas Tags for baby, 2 Christmas cards and the knitted (or knit felted) coaster or candle mat. All handmade, all very cute! I could not get Ava to give them to me (she fell in love with the cards - you would not believe how much she howled when I finally got close enough to grab them, and do it without her tearing them in her death grip!)
The following is a depiction of her with the goods, then when I got them high enough so she couldn't reach - she stands there pointing at them. :D

[I had to remove the picture with Ava pointing to her goodies because my husband was uncomfortable (and I see his point) as she was in a diaper, she had taken her jeans off already, lol, she usually does. Anyway, she had a pitiful look on her face while managing to look desperate)
It was good to see her fascinated with some handmade, and not commercial & spat out by a machine, in the end, the cards went to her friends, Autumn and Keegun, lol.

I also received the Plan Toys duck that I won with Piera at Jolly Mom and that bad boy is going under the tree last minute as a "Santa" gift, for 2 reasons. 1:  It's gorgeous, I don't want to wrap it - I think it will look perfect with a huge bow stuck on it and 2: I can't wait for her to see it. We used to have one for Quintyn, and he was in looove with his, (we got it from Ace Hardware) & when it finally had to be retired, he cried. I never thought to replace it with any of the girls, it was always "Quintyns toy", so now, I can't wait for Ava to see it!!

So thank you to all the ladies who really go above and beyond to post tips, helpful advice, what to do if's and giveaways. Also their experiences - as a Mom that can be incredibly helpful, I know I appreciate the time that goes into it - the giveaways for me, are really just a 'bonus', I go more for the "This happened to me, here's what I did, make sure you're not caught unawares" type of stuff. But I have to admit - I do love winning! It's such a pleasant surprise, I squeal, I call someone, I immediately go to the page where I entered to 'ooh and ahh' my new prize, honestly - its like Christmas for me.!
So a big Thank You to all the Ladies (and their families who have to share their Mom for a bit while she does this)
Merry Christmas to you all!

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Jolly Mom said...

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you! What a sweet post and I am so happy that you got and like the duck. You'll have to let me know after Christmas what you daughter thought of it too.

Malice said...

I definitely will, I had 3 friends who saw it and have gone online to get it!

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