Saturday, December 5, 2009

We ran our kid over!

Nope, that isn't an attempt at humor, we literally ran our son, Quintyn, over when we were on Cedar mountain looking for a tree today!
The day started off wonderfully, Jahmal made some pancakse (he's turning into quite the chef!)
He made his apron himself - a huge BYU fan, (of course I'm proud!)

So anyway, he made breakfast and we all piled into the van & started the trip to the mountain. Everything was great - Mom & Dad were discussing politics, the kids were being too loud, coloring and munching on Chez Itz.
We get up to the mountain, and start the hunt for a tree - mind you we had to hike a mile from the road before we hit any trees - but it's all part of the fun , right?
So we're looking away, the kids gave up and started sleding down any hill that looked halfway promising, C and I eventually decide there's no hidden gem of a tree that we're going to find, so we might as well head to a different area.
So we're all back at the van and C starts tying the sleds to the back of the van - we've done this a thousand times before. Once in our old house it snowed here in town (a miracle in itself!) so we tied the sleds to the back of the truck and went zooming around the neighborhood, the kids had an absolute blast!
So Aliya and Quintyn happily volunteer to have the 'first turns' in the sled, even amid my "It's going to be cold" warnings - (which of course doesn't even come close to the prospect of sledding behind the van!) I think they'd brave hypothermia if it meant 5 minutes in heaven, sledding at 10 miles an hour!
Well, everything was going wonderfully. Jahmal and I were sitting in the back with the door up so we could yell to C, who was driving, and constantly remind A & Q to "HOLD THE ROPE!" and make sure there was no 'goofing off', such as "ramming" or trying to "flick" snow at the other. So I start clicking away.
Then C notices that A & Q need to switch sleds
something about weight dynamics ... things I don't even take into consideration - but thank goodness that they switched ... or who knows how much worse things would have been! So, they switch, and we continue.

The last picture is where things started to go very, very wrong. We had turned down onto a hill. C had started slowing down, as if he was unsure, or had a premonition, (who knows) but it wasn't enough to stop what happened next from happening!
Q and A start picking up speed, & when I realized what was happening, my stomach dropped and I went cold all over. I started yelling to C to "STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!" and Jahmal beside me realizes what's going on, and he too, starts yelling "DAD STOP! DAD!!" over & over. I  see C turning to meet my eyes in the mirror as he's slowing down and they're filled with as much dread as mine- but it's too late.
First A disappears around the right side of the van amid my screams of "STOP!!" and then Q disappears, right as the van is slowing down.
The next thng I know, Q is screaming and Jahmal has jumped out of the van about a split second behind me, and at first I can't understand what I'm looking at. Q isn't under the van or anything, but he's screaming and holding his leg and Jahmal drops beside him & starts literally screaming so loud I had goosebumps "DAD MOVE THE VAN! YOU'RE ON HIS LEG!! DAD MOVE HE'S HURT!!!!" While Q is screaming, I drop beside him and start screaming at my husband to "MOVE THE F'IN VAN!!!" (I cussed in the heat of the moment, and even with as bad as things were I remember thinking "Geez - I hope the kids didn't catch that", I think it's a 2nd sense that parents have when they do something wrong, no matter how bad the situation is.
Well C , opens his door, leans out and asks me "WHICH WAY?!!" And I immediately knew he was asking, 'which way won't hurt him more?' (it has to be a married-for-long-enough-we-have-esp thing, whatever it is, I'm grateful!) So I tell him to "Go back", but when he tries to, the van won't do it, not without alot of revving and possible damage.
So he drives over his leg - much to our disgust. Q starts sobbing and C jumps out of the van and grabs him up while we clear space. I'm sobbing to myself (and, ashamedly, very very mad at my husband) and poor Q has gone white.
We do a quick check of his legs for anything sticking out where it sshouldn't be - the rest of the kids are hysterical at this point. I remember turning to Ava & forcing a calm demeanor & saying "Yes, Quintyn got an owie huh? Let's get him to the doctor, can you give him loves?" This relieved her, but I was a mess all the way down the mountain. And then when we get into town - of course they're having a parade! So traffic is backed up, slow and we're not sure what roads are closed in a town we barely know - luckily we lucked out & made it to the hospital in under 5 minutes!
So he was checked out, I also found coming off the mountain, that asking Q about his favorite shows (Ben 10, Dinosuars, Pokemon, Bakugan) and the story lines, toys and books you can get (for Christmas went unsaid - but I think he got the gist) helped keep him focused, calm and panic free.
He had his x-rays and we made them do his foot (to be sure. He had a suspicious looking lump, which we are told is normal. LOL, he has a huge lump, and it's normal! But thank goodness, he's only bruised.
It hurts him (we've given him medicine) but luckily, it's not worse. And I definitely thank Heavenly Father for this, I remember praying on the way up toward Cedar, because we had forgotten to pray before we left (we usually do) so I said one, an it was more involved because we had missed saying one as a family. I'm so glad I did! Because it could have been worse, what if it was Aliya who got run over? She wouldn't have come out of it with bruising. Or what if Q had gotten sucked and turned around and ended up head first under the wheel? I hate to think about it, but I know I'll be playing the 'What if' game for at least a week! But, he's okay now and my heart rate is nearly back to normal. Needless to say we stopped at Wal Mart and let Q pick out a tree! So that's the story of how we ran our child over! Good grief ...

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Ryan and Donna said...

WOW! What a story! I was worried about Quentin yesterday at Church until I saw him hobbling around chasing a brunette! Both the girl and Quentin had smiles on their faces. MEN! We'll chase the girls even with broken legs! :-)

I'm glad Quentin is okay and you got your tree. Scary story though...

Malice said...

LOL @ chasing the brunette, her names Keira & his response to me grinning at him is "I do NOT like her!!"
A confession if ever I've heard one!

Lucashell said...

I am surprised this doesn’t happen more being married to Craig.

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