Monday, December 7, 2009

Lively Links!

Time to update with some Lively Links after yesterdays horrific event, and to add a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Piera from Jolly Mom, who graciously 'randomed' my entry post and I WON a "Plan Toys Push Along Duck"! I tell you -  people, I am on a roll!! So that's another gift for Ava to go under our tree, and it's just so darn cute, I'm very excited! Thanks again Piera! Now, on to the links for free stuff ...

Red Box Code: BREAKROOM, DVDONME, Gants9

Apple Bottoms, by Nelly perfume sample This site is slooooow to load, so each step takes about 2-3 minutes, the entire process takes approximately 10 minutes. Hopefully it smells good enough that the wait is worth it!

This link is thanks to 'For the Mommas', whose site I subscribe too, she has fantastic ideas on how to save, links & some giveaways! Anyway, this is an idea for that sports fan in your life, a free personalized ESPN poster! You upload your photo & pick the template you want then ESPN will ask for your email address & send you the link for your new poster! If you don't have a photo printer, you could always go to Kinkos, access your link and professionally print it out from there, or, copy from the link, upload it to your SD card & head over to Costco, Walmart or Walgreens and have it printed out there. This would make a great stocking stuffer for that future athlete!

This link is for a free Canvas Portrait from Canvas People, (you do have to pay shipping at $14.95), but it's a savings of $49.99! Also, it's canvas! How cool would that be?

That's all I have time for considering it's late, I still have a redbox movie to watch, a friend to help move tomorrow AND a doctors appointment! Then we're decorating our tree tomorrow night, so lots to do, lots to do!


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