Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, I'm still no good at Twitter parties, hopefully I can find some kind of tutorial that can explain it in laymans terms, although I doubt that will even help.
So I'm writing this post today to give props to a friend of mine, my best friend actually, who has gone above and beyond for years for me nd my family. This is someone who is constantly giving to other people, while expecting nothing in return. She's the kind of person who will surprise you with something that you may have mentioned at some random moment that you liked and will turn up with it out of the blue.
Everyone has had this type of friend at some point in your life, the kind of person that you'll always remember, whether or not they're still in your life now or not, you never forget this type of person, you end up calling them your 'best friend'.
That person for me is Katie.
She has 2 kids, works to suuport her family, and is always remembering someone elses ails. But she rarely has anything given to her that leaves an impression of "thanks", so for me, this is my small attempt for her to let her know how much I love her and how much I appreciate everything thing she does for me. She's amazing.

They ought to have some kind of ceremony that you can submit someones name so they're given the key to the city, type of thing! So Katie - this is my key for you. Thank you for everything you've done for me & my family. Without you, living in a strange country with no family (other than my husbands family, who are also everything to me) would be harder. Love you.

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Katie said...

The key to city... you are such a nerd! I love you too but you don't need to thank me, i've told you a million times that is what friends do!! And you do give back just by being apart of mine and my kids lives! They love you as much as I do.

Katie said...
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Malice said...

Got it, but you do deserve more ;)

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