Friday, December 4, 2009

Props n Loves!

I was musing over all the giveaways I've entered this holiday season, and I definitely have my favorite sites, but I wanted to post some love to those sites that I've won on - the entire time I've been blogging and entering giveaways. And I'd like to add that Kat, over at "For the Love of Chaos" and "My 2 Cents", did a giveaway for a Samsung camera last night via Momtv, which you had to be present for to win (Congrats again to Laura C, I'll admit I was seething with jealousy - but that's the luck of the Random!) and I loved the way she did that! It was fun not only to see her in real time and interact via chat with all the other hopefuls, but for some reason it made it all that more exciting! It was a great idea I think. Anyway -
Props & Loves(´¯¨`·´¨¯`)

Alicia's Reviews & Giveaways - my first ever win, and I owe it all to you Alicia! Thank you!
STL Mommy - For a great read, the book was fabulous and is now making the rounds around my friends. Thank you!
My 2 Cents - I'm so excited to see what Habitwise has in store for my weight! Thank you!
Deal Seeking Mom - My husband was so excited about this giveaway - he loves Pears! Thank you!

When they're all lined up like that, it looks alittle suspicious, lol - it's really the luck of the Random, and I'm so grateful for everything I won, because, I mean, lets face it - it was free, and it's always grand to win something unexpectedly!

So, tomorrow, we have our "Breakfast with Santa" with our ward (we're LDS) and it should be fun, mainly because we're new to this ward, and haven't yet made a very big splash in the way of people getting to know us.
Somehow we always manage to be the family that's referred to as the 'how many kids you don't want" as in "You guys are having another one? Wow - you'll end up like the Degens" lol. The only thing is, in this ward, we're not so much a side show family as we are the norm because everyone has a small army around here! It makes a nice change!
So I was reading a post by Janice, over at "5 Minutes for Mom" and she was relating a story about how she nearly lost her little girl while at the skating rink, and the horror and emotions she felt while going through this horrid event (her daughter was fine, FYI - you can read about her Happy Ending here) and in this months issue of Family Circle, theres an article about paranoid parenting, and it got me thinking about my style of parenting and if I go 'overboard'.
I know I worry all the time about abductions and missing kids stories break my heart, and while I could probably do without the 'I meet the families before letting you go play-date' (or ... could I?) I think all in all I do an okay job.
Sure, I make mistakes, who doesn't, but all in all, I think I do just fine.
Anyways, theres my 'Props n Loves', I really am grateful to ALL you wonderful blog hosts who make giveaways possible, I tell everyone I know about getting involved in them, how worthwhile they are, and to not forget to link whenever possible!

The beautiful Degen kids!

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