Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A different sort of moon.

I know I keep saying I'll (eventually) get around to posting about my awards, which I've dubbed 'my pretties' - and I will. Tomorrow. Or any other day that isn't right this second (although I am sending love thoughts to the ladies who deemed me worthy).

So tonight, I was driving home from a friends house, it wasn't really that late - around 10:30ish & I stop at a red light. (You should know before I proceed, I have terrible road rage. I mean - I will literally sit there yelling & screaming at some poor, unsuspecting stranger, looking like a crazy lady - for something as unforgiveable as forgetting to indicate - americans call it a "blinker", I call it your "indicator".)

So anyway - I'm stopped a red light, paitently waiting for it to change, and a car full of testostrone & hormones (16 year olds) pull up beside me. They start gunning their engine and grinning at me, possibly expecting me to swoon or be so impressed I'd flash them a "I'm so very impressed" smile.
Instead - it pissed me off. I gave my best scathing "really?" look (keep in mind, this is to a car full of teenagers. Yes - I know I look pathetic, but as I said before, my road rage knows no bounds, nor age limitations) Which only encouraged them. So eventually the light turns green, and I pull out slowly, warily eyeing them up and wondering what they're going to do next. Well - they gun it - too hard, stall their car, and being the adult that I am - I couldn't resist laughing and actually giving them the 'thumbs up'. Much to their chagrin, I'm sure. So I'm driving along, blissfully unaware that the next 5 seconds are going to scar me for life, when this car full of punks (and I'm refraining right now from calling them far worse) cuts me off. NO indication, NO curtesy, nothing. So I'm (naturally) furious, and decide I am going to ride their bumper as a little petty "get back". So while I'm trying not to actually hit them, I'm  making damn sure I drive obsenely close to their rear, when I notice the driver waving his arm out the window, so I take a closer look, expecting to see something but I'm not sure what.
Three of these little bastards brats have their backsides pressed up against the back window, and ARE MOONING ME! Mooning me! I backed off hard and fast, bewildered, violated & feeling like a complete and utter pervert. They all then stick their heads out the windows and give me the same "Haha thumbs up" sign I had graced them with.

Kudos to them, they got the better of me. All the way home, all I could do was turn my music up to drown out the picture of three young kids showing me their butts. Needless to say, my road rage was banked and on hiatus for the duration of my trip home. The worst part is, I feel like some sort of molestor, as I'm sure their mothers would be less than impressed that I copped an eyeful of their buttocks. Despite the fact, I hadn't done anything other than stoop to their level. I'm well & truely warned for the next time though.

3 reactions!:

Anonymous said...

Oh that would just totally pizzed me off for sure. Good thing that's all they did though. You never know these days.

See you tomorrow at my place for the big announcement!

Julie said...

Stop by my blog when you have a moment or two, I have something for you.
I so love reading your blog. You make me laugh, teach me things and make me think. I love it all.
Take care and God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

You are brave. I am afraid of road rage people with guns and bad tempers.


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