Tuesday, March 23, 2010

everybody was kung fu fighting

Fair warning - this post will be a long one, although I'll try and tone it down to the bare minimum. On with the show!

First up - the awards. I was truely flattered to receive these awards from some lovely ladies, & they all have fantastic blogs. I'm listing these in no particular order, & I recommend scooping them out and leaving some comment love for each, a lot of work goes into their blogs, & they absolutely deserved the awards they were given.

Chacoy (my Utahn friend who is coming to see me & drop her darling boy off) from Ma 2 1 Cute Boy honored me by dropping 2 awards on me. The "One Lovely Blog" award, and a new one I haven't seen making the rounds - but I'm glad to accept it - the "Happy 101" award. Chacoy - you're awesome, I love you - and get better SOON!

Tree from Mother of Pearl It Is gave me the "One Lovely Blog" award AND the "Beautiful Blogger" award - thank you so much love, I appreciate it greatly.

Kati, from Lady Bug Mama of 2 graced me with "Happy 101" award, which I'm accepting gracefully & greedily. Not an easy feat.

 Christi from Living Green in a Colorful World gave me by far the coolest award I've seen yet - the "Master of -" award. (This one you have to list 6 things you're Master of, and pass it on to 6 other bloggers. And aww yeah I'm digging the picture, no matter how gay they may look. It's completely awesome - thank you!)

 Tracyo (a lovely Canook ... is that even politically correct? I just wanted to post that word. Canook) from The Daily Mom Diaries threw me the "One Lovely Blog" award AND "Beautiful Blogger" (which is one of my favorites :D

I'm humbled. Coming from such amazing bloggers themselves, I'm flattered & instead of nominating 40 or so blogs - I decided to nominate 5 blogs & they can take their pick as to which award they want. I'm going to go with the "Master" award and list 6 things that I consider myself a Master of, cos I haven't done that one before and all I can think of (Tracy - Stir Fry Awesomeness) is "...everybody was kung fu fighting. na na na na na na na na na - those cats were fast as lightning..." I'll have that song in my head ALL NIGHT now.

              The nominated blogs (all are fantastic) are as follows, in no particular order:

So take your pick, post your award with pride, and nominate someone/s worthy. As for me - here are the 6 things I consider myself a Master of ...

1: I'm Master of my Domain (Seinfeld anyone?)

2: I'm a Master at multi-tasking. I can do hair, while changing a diaper, yelling out examples for homework, giving the evil-eye to encourage someone to "finish all their breakfast" while side-stepping all the little Zhu Zhu pieces that weren't picked up from the night before.

3: I'm a Master at perfecting the "Mom" tone. I only need to utter a one syllable word & it strikes fear into the hearts of any child doing exactly what they're not supposed to be doing.

4: I'm a Master at guessing what lines come from what movie. I can hear half a quote and nail it within seconds.

5: I'm a Master at spotting dirt on a kids face from 45 feet away

6: I'm a Master at finding any and every excuse to not do any housework. I can milk any kind of pathetic reasoning for weeks at a time.

And there you have it. My Master Mind abilities. Over the years I've honed these skills to be finely tuned, and I don't recommend trying them at home without adult supervision.

Now for my "Wordless Wednesday".

I don't even think I need to say anything. One of the late greats, & a fine figure of a man at that (that was for you C ;)

So in summation, Thank you to the wonderful bloggers who honored me with awards, you like me. You really, really like me. *kisses* to you all, I have more giveaways I've been remiss in posting, so my bad, I'll get on that ASAP. In the meantime - (as I'm posting this, I'm tapping my foot and humming along to "Kung Fu Fighting" I knew it would invade my every thought!) some words of wisdom to live by ...

"If you've got them by the balls - their hearts & minds will follow"
 John Wayne                              

That would make a fabulous tattoo, doncha think?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Joe! That was nice of you to think of my blog, I appreciate it. I let my readers do most of the work on my blog, really i just give them a place to speak.


Anonymous said...

Your being a good multitasker is one of the greatest skills a person can have!


Anonymous said...

How cute are you with John there?

Julie said...

Congrats on all your awards. See I told you, you are loved.
Have a great day today and don't work to hard on anything that doesn't make you happy.
Take care and God Bless!!!

april brooks said...

Woohoo! That is an awesome award! I would have to claim the Master at finding any and every excuse to not do any housework. I can milk any kind of pathetic reasoning for weeks at a time.
I have really bad dust mite allergies, and I never really learned how to clean a house properly. I suck at it. Especially dusting, cleaning any surfaces and vacuuming! I try and I am just an inefficient nightmare.
I do like to do laundry though!

Thanks so much for including me!
April of Concrete and Nail Polish

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Congrats on all of your awards!

Polly said...

Im in fits over the mum tone!!

AmandaWK said...

Awwww... thanks so much fellow mother-blogger! What an honor! I went from having no awards to all of the sudden I have two now, this is so exciting! :D

Juliana said...

Congrats! You deserve it!!!!

Blondie said...

Happy Friday!!

Check out my site and maybe win a great kids book and a handcrafted surprise!



Amy said...

Congrats!! Been leafing through your blog... LOVE IT!


Coo Coo Courtney said...

Hello I'm stopping by from Friday Follow! I love your blog look and enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you have a fabulous weekend and stop by and visit me sometime http://coocoocourtney.blogspot.com

:: ashley :: said...

found you blog on follow friday! caught my eye, can't wait to read your new posts!
follow back at
loves! ashley

Yellow House Knits said...

Following from Friday Follow. Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Have a great weekend!


Tracy said...

I love your Master of's....I can totally relate! Just one more thing....yep, that would make an awesome tattoo!!!!!!


Unknown said...

I'm glad you liked it Joe! Great list too. That Seinfeld episode was freaking hillarious! I always watch it if I stumble on it when flipping.

Congrats on your great awards for your fabulous blog!

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