Monday, March 8, 2010

playing catch-up

I'm forever behind whenever I post. Hopelessly. Endlessly. Including with my children. The following was taken from a conversation between me and my 8 year old, this morning. Around 0900 hours.

Me: Whose mess is on the bench?
8Yrold: Not mine. Hers *points*
Me: Well "hers" is sick. So can you clean it up for me?
8Yrold: *dramatic sigh* Sure Mom.
Me: Thank you baby *kiss*
8Yrold thinking 'Me' is out of earshot: ('Me' will be played in high pitched falsetto voice too) Can you clean it up for me? "sure mom, I always have to clean everyone elses crap up. Want me to do your housework too? Cos you aren't doing it."

My 8 year old knows I'm behind in the housework too? 8 year olds are all about mess n disater, so if she's noticing. Then this place must look like a tsunami hit. So my day will consist of dealing with a sick girl thinking she's super DUPER well and running around and trying to convince her she's not, and to take it easy, having all the kids home for Spring Break (oh.JOY) C-L_E-A-N-I-N-G, and helping a friend out with paperwork (dramatic sigh myself).
back to the grind, will post a fabulous something later on when I force my kids into the exile that is their bedrooms so I don't lose my mind entirely.
ALSO!! A great tip for fevering babies that I completely forgot about - Vinegar! Preferably Apple Vinegar, from what I've heard, but this in a bowl of luke warm water, then take a facecloth and wipe your small heater down. It works marvellously, & is an easy way to break a fever or being it down. Trust me on this, I've used this for every kid, (when I remember too) & it works everytime. It's also supposed to feed the skin so they don't dehydrate - BUT that's if they have water intake as well. So I'm not sure how much that part is true, but the rest. Voodoo Magic Baby. ;)

instead of youtube today, here's my beautiful, if precocious 8 year old. :)

looking way older than she should. ugh.

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Sassy Salsa girl said...

Love that attitude :D
Great tip about vinegar too, I'll have to remember that.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any kids. I'll just bathe in vinegar when I get home. Wait...I thought that was crisco?

Unknown said...

LOL- i love her 'out of earshot' comment!
BTW- i love what you've done with your blog!

Unknown said...

ps-i do Apple Cider Vinegar for LOTS of things! If you shoot it (the not distilled kind), it can help ward off sickness too.

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

She sounds like mine soon to be teen.

I feel your pain. The spring break started here as well and on top of my two I also have my sister's 2 boys.My youngest woke up with fever this morning and hubs is on a road for next week.

Never heard about the apple vinegar. I'll give it a try.

Tammy said...

Oh I have an almost 10 year old and I can hear that little voice with attitude! Such a fun age. You guys have spring break really early. Ours isn't until April 6th. Do you guys get out of school in May?

A GAL NEEDS... said...

What a beautiful little girl! Way too cute for her own good! :)

Frugal Vicki said...

Great tip! I will write it down if I can ever pick my jaw up off the floor from the comment your kiddo made. I have no idea what I would have done....other than crawl in bed and cry!

Krissy said...

That's hilarious!! And your duaghter is gorgeous! I would have thought she was 11. :) Everyone thinks my daughter is 6 and she's really 4. lol

My daughter asked me today why are her other friends' houses clean and ours not. lol I'm very back on the cleaning and need to catch up!

Tracy said...

I love the vinegar tip...I will endeavor to remember this one. You're not alone, my 11 year old says the same stuff. He acts like he's a snooty teenager. Yikes, me all over again.

(The) Ladybug Lounge said...

Oh my goodness ! I should NOT be snickering but I am anyway. That's sooo my 5yo already ! Good luck with that one when she gets older - LOL !! I too need more hours in my day !!

Peggy said...

She is gorgeous!!

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