Friday, March 5, 2010

You have my word - I'll.Be.Back.

I had a really long, thank you post here, til the IE browser (I mostly use Firefox, should've known better) flaked out on me & screwed up EVERYTHING! I had Thanks galour for some fabulous awards I had been given, from 3 very lovely, very different blog hosts, & then went on to list 15 other blogs and all this frilly stuff.
My browser wouldn't respond.
So now I have to re-do everything, but not today. I'll do it tonight.
Have you ever had one of those days where everything is a touchy subject, you feel raw all over and then your "last straw" makes an appearance and all hell breaks loose? My last straw arrived in the form of my mother. Who has "Problems". As calmly as I tried to project back to her, I eventually failed, & we ended up screaming at each other. But sometimes, I swear she still sees me as that 16 year old hard-ass, giving her grief and attitude, staying out late, and Friday nights in some parking lot drinking being my main source of entertainment. What's a girl to do? Prove I'm not by having a bunch of great, well adjusted kids, buying a home to raise them in, and join the PTA ? *sigh* I'll always be that 16 year old, until the day she dies.

The worst part is whenever we have these "spats", they seem to get worse each time, and she's 8,000 miles away. There is no 'awkward' run-in which ends in a hug & laughing it off. It festers. I hold grudges. I'm stubborn. And so is she. I have no idea what to do about this.

I couldn't find the shot of me, my brother and her, so I'm leaving this. Me rocking the 'tails, with my brother to the left of me, my 2 baby cousins on the right. We were visiting the North Island before I knew about boys, but after finding BFF's.
Tonight when I've calmed down and forgiven IE, I'll post my reviews, thank you's and other various tid-bits. Be back soon. And Katie? I'll be over in 30. see you soooon ....

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Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

Oooh, I have these kinds of spats with my mother, too. It's excruciating, I know! Hope you get things worked out. BTW, nice 'tails!!

Have a great weekend!

Ms. G said...

Oh yes, I ran out of straws on Wednesday. But I had to be the Mom in the spat!

Unknown said...

Happy FF!! I'm a new follower:) Stop by when you get a moment

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Don't even get me started on the whole IE thing!
Stopping by via Friday Followers to say hello.

Have a great weekend!

Tatum said...

I am following you from FF and have a great Friday..

Anonymous said...

Cute kid with the pig tails.

Freely Living Life said...

Stopping by from the "Friday Follow" and am now following your site as well.

Have a great weekend!

Student Entrepreneur said...

Joe!!!! You are close to my heart:) I haven't ever had one of those spats with my mom - but let me just tell you alittle about my week:) After telling my oldest to watch the 3 and 5 year old in the tub - because I am painting in the mud room - I decided to check on the boys because they are having WAY to much fun!! You know it is bad when they are laughing to much or way to quite!! There was at least 1 inch of water on the floor!!!!!!! Got that cleaned up, went to check on the cake in the oven and after taking it out (for hubbys b-day) I realize my daughter forgot to spray the pan - so cake doesn't want to come out - oh well - I now get to eat it RIGHT now:)!! Can't even begin to tell you how many times I picked up legos, and when I made ANOTHER cake, my 3 year old decided to see if it was yummy or not!! It was good:) At that is just a small part of the week!!! I hope you have a better weekend!!!!

Jack and Alex Manning said...

Oh, Joe, I hear you. I find that having kids has made me more sensitive, not less, to my mother and she she regularly manages to say exactly the wrong thing. Especially on a bad day.

Peryl (

Jack and Alex Manning said...

And I'm so non-techie I don't even know what firefox is. Which is why I can't figure out how to point my login to the right blog ;).


Babes Mami said...

Oh man my mom never lets me forget how I was when I was 15/16, EVERYTIME I see her she HAS to bring it all up. She seems unable to let anything go. Doesn't matter how much I prove myself she just doesn't see it. I may not know exactly how you feel but I can very much relate.

Jumpin' Jeff said...

We don't choose our family, unfortunately. Fam Spats are always messy and tough. Hang in there. Be You, and keep this great blog up.

Adoption of Jane said...

I go through the same thing with my mother! I hope it all works out! Haven't chatted with you for a bit.. hope all is well :) Ended up getting a make-over, seems like everyone wanted to jump in and help.. y'all are the best! There is a blog Award on my post today.. feel free to come by and grab it!

AmandaWK said...

Do you still use Firefox, or did you switch? I use Firefox and have been wondering if there is something better out there to use.

Following you by the way. Have been for a while now... if you'd LIKE to check me out here is mine:

Thanks!!! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

We can't get "off the hook" for the stuff we did when we were kids, our mothers never let go of it :)


Anonymous said...

Aw, love the pic and the tails you sported.

My mother and I have the same type of relationship. Right now we are not speaking at all which is better for me.

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