Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another fine site!

I found a FANTASTIC site that has some amazing giveaways for Christmas. It was really thanks to 'For the Love of Chaos' that I found it, but it's called "5 Minutes for Mom" and they're twin sisters who are SAHM's. Well, they have awesome giveaways for this month, (check out their button to the right) This is their link : 'Christmas Giveaway' , thats actually for their 'How to post for the Christmas Giveaways' section, but they have their individual giveaways linked down below.
DO check them out, they have some great giveaways (including a very cute 'Jesus is the Gift' giveaway, I entered that about 1st I was so excited!)
If you don't blog, you can still gain an entry by spreading the word for a certain giveaway via Twitter or Facebook, but it's absolutely worthwhile. Check these ladies out!
p.s If you can't figure out what the "rules" are, email me, I know I had to read and re-read a few times to make sure I got it right!

They also have this thing called "Under the tree" which is gifts for families who are in need. I KNOW RIGHT!
Please read this page and what these ladies are trying to do, you may know of someone who needs help this Christmas, or let me know and I'll petition on your behalf. But it's definitely worthwhile and such a blessing!

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