Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Being from NZ, I'm still not a huge fan of Thanksgiving, but it does  have its benefits. I like having my husband home for the day (not so much the yelling at the football game on t.v, but beggars can't be choosers) The kids get a day off from school, and we all get to have a big family dinner. Almost a dress rehersal for Christmas dinner.
My husbands family have this cute game they like to play whenever the family gets togather called "Annie-I-Over", which is, in essence, two teams on either side of a house. Using a tennis ball, one team throws it over the house calling out "Annie i over", the other team then has to catch it and without saying anything, they all run around the house to the other side and try to hit someone on the other team with the ball. If you're hit, you switch sides. The winner is basically the last person standing. Our new house unfortunately doesn't have a nicely slanted roof like my mother inlaws, it's pretty flat. Which won't stop my husband from trying to rouse everyone into a game. Thats another thing I love about TG, the predictability. Knowing my husband will always try to do the usual 'thanksgiving' routine. Shooting in the morning, football in the afternoon, dinner then Annie.
Then the next day we all load up, drive to a nearby mountain & chop down our tree. My friend loveingly calls them "charlie brown trees". This year we're doing Black Friday (pray for us) so the tree will take a back seat until later on in the day, and even then, depending on our injuries, we may pass on it til Saturday.

So Jahmal brought a motorbike today, he worked (or is yet to actually DO the job) for the money and went and got it. (He owes his dad the money until he finishes his jobs) but its a cute wee bike, probably too fast, but fun enough to have a good time with.

I can't think of much more to add here, some GREAT freebies at another photo store, which I'll bring to you most likely tommorrow with the 'Lively Links'. Till then!

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