Sunday, November 22, 2009

Giveaway sites, books & randomness ...

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another quick post, just a few ideas for those of you who enjoy a good giveaway, the following blogs are worth a second look and a  follow ...

J. Leigh Designz, - Two of a Kind, working on a full house - Alicia's Reviews & Giveaways - EightyMPHmommy - a giveaway addicted mommy - Me and My boys! 

and of course, those are the links to the actual sites. Some giveaway sites have an annoying way about them, as in - I have my preferences when it comes to the entry details, and I find some sites are just ... well, annoying. I like my sites to be eye candy pleasing. Easy to navigate, (not that I'm a moron. I just think simplicity is the way to go) and these ladies with their sites definitely have it. 
They also have this interesting thing called 'Monday Mingle" <-- thats a link to EightyMPHmommy, and an explaination of what MM actually is and she's the one who apparently started the vlogging craze of Monday Mingle. I've been tempted to try it, but as I'm so new to this whole blogging thing, I think I'll wait until I've become more familiar with the territory. Until then , I'll watch :D
But please check out these sites, a good giveaway is a fun thing to participate in!

As an extra quick note, I also have to give props and shout outs to STLMommy, I recently received the book I won on one of her giveaways and am so excited to start reading it!
(I'm currently re-doing the 'Twilight' series again. A quick refresher to the movies) also, I'm halfway through "My sisters keeper" and that is turning into a must-finish! If you've read it, kudos for spotting that books potential!

2 reactions!:

Q_dawg said...

I don't mean to sound ... stupid. But what kind of giveaways?
well, I guess I could always go and look myself huh ... but I'm suspecting it's 'mommy' stuff, correct? And not ... say - ammo. giveaways?

Malice said...

uhh, no. you're right - they're giveaways aimed mainly at moms and their kids. i'm sure if you googled (or swagbucked it) you could find some kind of military nut who does ammo giveaways :D

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