Thursday, November 19, 2009

a good seat for 'New Moon'?

Ok, so I, like alot of you out there, have my golden ticket to see the midnight showing of 'New Moon', the 2nd book in the Twilight saga. I'm going with my lovely sister in law who was kind enough to procure a ticket for me weeks ago, while I was just starting to clue into the fact that there was even a rush to GET these tickets! (Thank you Donna)
I had also told my best friend that we would go together (as she was the guilty party who got me interested in the series in the first place) luckily she got her ticket (after hearing I had mine).
Now, here's the thing that has me writing today (because I will be writing again tonight with, hopefully, a glowing report, NO spoilers!!, on my movie experience) I call D this morning to set up a time and meeting place, as you do when you have plans with someone, and she informs me that PEOPLE ARE ALREADY LINING UP TO GET A GOOD SEAT!
Are you KIDDING me?! I mean, I like a good seat as much as the next person, but who in their right mind is going to wait a good 12-15 HOURS to get a seat?! I'm assuming I'm not the 'Twilight' fan I thought I was. I can't actually think of any movie I would line up that early, just to get a seat for!
And now I'm alittle nervous. What happens if some sort of mistake has been made, and we get there, and they accidentally oversold tickets? Or, I get there, and all thats left is 'standing room', do they even do that with movies?
So now we've decided to meet early, not too early, but early enough, my husband gave me his "Are you serious?" look, when I informed him on his lunch break.  I now have to entrust my oldest with the delicate task of watching the kids for an hour, til my beloved gets off work.
So of course, now I feel like one of those mothers who abandons her kids to go running off for selfish reasons! All this inner dilemma for a movie.
Although, if truth be told, I am still very excited to see New Moon, hoping they stay true to the book, and while it's a new director, I also hope they do a good job, and it isn't like watching a completely different movie! So, I will update this when I get home, or if I find I can't think straight and need to catch some zzz's, first thing tommorrow!
For those of you who have their ticket also, good luck to you in your attempts to get a "good seat"!

'New Moon trailer'

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