Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon update

Ok, so I took longer than I thought I would, a few things came up here at home so I wasn't able to do this before now. By now, I'm sure most of you have already seen 'New Moon' and have formed your own opinions on it, I had the chance to see the midnight showing of it (with the free tees, looooong line, and Mary Kay in the Lobby pushing their new line of "Bella", "Jacob" and "Edward") which I personally think is going alittle far in regards to 'Twilight mania'. (Although 'Bella' did smell nice)
I have to say, I thought the director in this movie did really well at making Bella appear beautiful. I'm not too much of a Kristin Stewart fan (don't get me wrong, she IS talented, and has her own unique brand of acting style) but she isn't, in my eyes at least, gorgeous. She has a square chin, which is prominent and in the movie that wasn't the main focus every time she appeared onscreen. She looked amazing!
When Jacob first appears onscreen, of course there were the catcalls and whistles (he did look buff, I'll give him that) I think his acting as Jacob is what sets him apart. He has the very essence of the character down pat! And good looks aside, he's fabulous as Jacob.
The movie dragged in a few places, BUT - it stayed true to the book, hence, it HAD to drag in those places, so the audience could get a feel for the intensity of the moment.
Although, in all fairness, I think it only drags if you've read the book and understand already the relationships and how they play out. And I had my favorite 'couples' too. As in, the whole time I read 'New Moon' I thought - "No, no. She's meant to be with Edward - Jacobs nice. But she's EDWARDS soulmate, not his!" So of course., knowing what's going to happen can be a downfall and take some of the pleasure out of the movie.
I thought Chris Weitz (director) did a fabulous job at getting across to viewers the relationship between Bella and Edward, in that - when he leaves, she literally almost dies. (Doesn't that just k you?? I wish for a love that intense!) They're so connected to each other. While she strikes up a 'closer' relationship with Jacob, she's never "over" Edward, and the movie did a wonderful job of portraying that Bella never loses that love for Edward. Or that she, very literally, is connected to Edward in a way that she could never truely give herself to anyone other than him.
A few things were added into the movie, but it made for a more entertaining watch. And WOW I LOVED Dakota Fanning in the role of Jayne! She did a fantastic job for the 4 minutes she was in the movie.
I thought the  wolves were made to look very menacing, which they would have to be to be able to fight and/or kill vampires. Although when the black wolf first makes an appearence (it's Sam) it does look alittle cheesy, but the rest of the movie, the effects look more believable.
The humor seemed, to me, almost obvious, but it was still endearing and natural.
I especially loved the 'Volturi' family characters, Aros was made to seem very much like he is in the book - or at least as I interpreted him. Playful, deadly and arrogant. Great job there too.
All in all, the movie was awesome! Definitly lived up to it's predecessor in all respects, I will be going to see it again, and I'm starting to think that even though 'New Moon' is by all accounts the 'slowest' book of them all, this movie - from the 2 that have been released, is my favorite so far. I can't wait for the DVD!

(And to my best friend in the whole world who didn't get to see it with me, I'm so sorry. You, me - the next movie. Promise xx) Also, this post is done with no spell checking as my comp. is running unaturally slow (makes me think I have a trojan somewhere, or someone has hacked my computer!) So I don't have the time or paitence to run through this and make sure it's spelt correctly. I apologise. In summation, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It's a must-see if you've read the books, and if not - watch the movie first, then read the books. I think you'll honestly get a better feel that way.
Also - (for a certain someone who asked and I couldn't answer) it's Alice. My fav. character is Alice.
Life imitates art, don't you think?

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