Sunday, November 15, 2009

I can smell a freebie!

So last night I got home at some awful hour, (luckily my husband had the kids in bed and since they weren't with me, I was able to stay out late, although I think I would have rather been snug in bed than where I was, but such is life!) Anyway, as I got in and was thinking of all I had to do today, I had the thought that if only there was someone who could post the great giveaways and freebie links in ONE spot, so I could get to bed sooner, and then it hit me! I might as well do the pack horse work and post it all here. SO! I'm starting today posting the freebies and really good giveaways (and since I have a refined palette, I'm sure they'll meet with your approval)

On another quick note, this blog thing has paid off somewhat already - even WITH no followers. I've managed to meet a few other moms who go through the same day to day homework trials, timetable trials and (lol - you Kari) clothing trials! I love being able to send one or two emails to a few select moms with questions, concerns or even ... gossip. (I know, I'm human) It's very satisfying, and brightens the day :D
Ok, so heres todays 'Lively Links', and on a sidenote, I'm thinking of changing my blog style YET AGAIN, because the flower thing is alittle too bright for my liking. On to the good stuff!

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