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"Achieve Anything In Just One Year!" by Jason Harvey - Review!

I was given the opportunity to review a fantastic new book, "Achieve Anything In Just One Year be inspired to accomplish your goals",written by certified Life Coach & founder of the "Limitless Institute" (a non profit organization that studies human motivation & personal development) Jason Harvey.
At first I was somewhat skeptical (as is my nature) but definitely curious.
This book will take you a year to read. (Hence the title)
If that doesn't pique your interest, I'm not sure much will! What John has created is a daily quote. Every day you turn to whatever page you may be on, and spend 10 to 15 minutes alone, in a quite spot, reflecting on your days "quote" and your days assignment. It's always something relatively simple, and always easy to accomplish.
Jason has also included some insight into the message of the day, and I've found them to be smart, pointed and very, very true.
On day 17, the quote is from Michelangelo, and the assignment is to look at where you're aiming. Basically, if it's too low - then you aim higher. Always aim high.

I know some people hear "Life Coach" and think of new age gurus and tie-dye (lol - at least I used too) but all a Life Coach is is someone who can make you look at YOURself and point out where you need to make changes - well I guess really, you're figuring out where you can improve and change, but a Life Coach will give you the tools.

I really enjoyed Jason's book, it was humorous, it was insightful and so far - very helpful.
Really it's for those people who are sick of doing the same thing over and over - even his introduction points out a man sick of doing all those little every-day obligations. Where's the optimism? Where's the excitement? When he was young (as with all of us) there was a 'take-on-the-world teenager, ready to live life and looking forward to the challenge, I see it with my son now (14) he's so bright-eyed about the future. There are limitless possibilities! He can go anywhere, be anything, achieve all he wants too!!
I know we all felt that once, and you can again, you can find out how to live your life - with Jason's book - "Achieving Anything In Just One Year"

Finally, here's a step-by-step blueprint for achieving your dreams by a deadline! In just 365 days, Jason's superb advice will lead you from listlessness to life. And the best part is that 'Achieve Anything In Just One Year' specifically shows you how to find your true life's path."
-Amy Greenough, Ph.D., Boston, Massachusetts

 "Jason's approach to achieving your dreams and being a success is exciting and challenging. His life changing book helps you discover what you love and helps you create a life that shows it. I wish I had this book twenty years ago!"
-Benjamin McKenzie, Entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada

Jason also has a blog where you can get personal advice and lessons/tips/advice on personal motivation & happiness. Here is one of his Top Ten motivational quotes of all time :

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. —Les Brown

Don't really click, this image is from Amazon, I couldn't find any other.

Haven't we all felt uninterested in our lives? Almost as if there's something missing, another daily grind, and I know I've met some days with a world-weary *sigh*. Well all you need is 15 minutes a day, with Jason's book and some true reflection & honesty. (I know I sound like an infomercial ad, but Jason Harvey's book is that great - I really, after my whole 13 days, have a much better, optimistic outlook on everything! I even over-use my exclaimation points now, lol)

I also found if you think that day's advice doesn't really apply to you - if you think hard enough you'll find it really does. Everything in his book can be for a Mom at home, to a career-driven husband, or someone fresh out of college. I will be having my son read and do "Achieve Anything In Just One Year" by Jason Harvey - and I know I'll be doing him a huge favor!

As an interesting side note, I went looking for images to use for my review, & Amazon (which is where the pic of the book is from) and they're sold out - now that's convincing! This man knows what he's talking about!

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