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Celtic Woman - Songs from the Heart - Review

Have you ever had a moment where you thought something was going to be pretty good - & it ends up being out of left field - leaves you dazed, breathless and stunned, good? I mean really good?
Anyone who knows me, understands my love for music - any music, so when I was sent the new C.D from Celtic Woman called "Songs from the Heart" I was excited to review it, but I had no idea what I was in for!

Celtic Woman is made up of 5 singers who voices are so sweet and angelic that it almost brings tears to your eyes. Máiréad, Lynn, Lisa, Alex & Chloë are five women who have exquisite voices - the heavens weep, I'm sure, when they sing from their hearts.
They have a stage presence, when they perform, that will leave you riveted.Their passion is unrivaled & they sound superb!

I had never heard of these woman before, but am a fan of Celt music - the soothing tones, the images they invoke, I used to lull my eldest son to sleep by playing Celtic music softly while nursing him.
I was absolutely delighted from the first stirring notes, to the very last fade-out instrument. Captivating with repose, I was hooked!

Among some of my favorites was "Fields of Gold", a Sting classic and remake, sung by Lisa who nails it to perfection. I don't know the technicalities of what it takes to sing, but I can certainly recognize true talent when I hear it - and it's what every lady in the band  excudes.
"When you Believe" which is a song from the soundtrack to 'Prince of Egypt' literally bought tears to my eyes. I was swept up in the majesty of it. All 5 of these ladies put their heart & soul into what they sing and it shows in their expressions and their voices.
What I found most interesting was the way they manage to bring Irish elements to their audience in a very modern way.

Celtic Woman is an all-female musical ensemble conceived and assembled by David Downes, a former musical director of the Irish stage show Riverdance.
The group has undertaken a number of world tours. Cumulatively, albums by Celtic Woman have sold over 50 million records worldwide, making it one of the most commercially successful musical acts in the world.   Taken from Wikipedia

Each of these woman have backgrounds seeped in music. Chloe, who is only 16 (!) recorded her first album at 12, her second at 14 - she also started her musical career at the age of 4 weeks old by singing on her mothers television show!

Lynn has performed to a live audience as the lead vocalist for "RiverDance?", during the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics.

Lisa has a proven background in music as she has key roles in musicals such as Chicago (as Kelly), Chess, Oklaholma and Grease!

Mairead has been a deicated fiddler player since she was 6, and then began pursuing a career as a violinist with the RTE Concert Orchestra. Irish Music Magazine voted her the Best Traditional Female in 2003.

Alex has performed with the Icelandtic Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Danish National Symphony, the RTE Concert Orchestra and also sung on the Evita soundtrack with none other than Madonna!

They certainly have the credentials to back up their amazing voices.

I was decidedly impressed & when it comes to music I am critical, cynical and thorough in my observations.Celtic Woman enthralled me. They have done some fantastic remakes of songs you will have heard before - "Fields of Gold", by Sting, "When you Believe", from the soundtrack to the Prince of Egypt, "O, America!", "Scarborough Fair", by Simon & Garfunkle (although this was before changes were made to the original line-up.) But still, a stunning - brings-you-to-your-knees song. They have a variety - before and after the line-up change, & each song is almost better than the last - and I've never said that about a group that I'd never listened to before.

Currently they are performing around the country on their "Songs from the Heart, 2010 tour" & I encourage anyone interested in an evening of splendor, sophistication and beauty to check when they are coming to a city near you - you will not regret it. I will be purchasing my seat to listen to these angelic voices first-hand, and can't wait!

Celtic Woman is all over the Billboard charts, selling more than 3.8 million records in the U.S. alone, and has had 7 sold-out US Tours. They are currently kicking off their tour which includes dates at New York City’s famed Radio City Music Hall. They’ve performed on Dancing With the Stars and will have an upcoming PBS special.

3.8 billion! But trust me, they have earned & deserve all these accolades and much, much more. I can't praise them enough, I was bought to tears by more than one song, & haven't stopped listening to them since I popped the c.d in. They are amazing - and I urge you to check these ladies out!
Celtic Woman, Songs from the Heart. 

I couldn't resist, so I posted some youtube videos so you could hear first-hand how stunning these woman are. Breathtaking & amazing come to mind, watch & enjoy ....

"Fields of Gold"

Fields Of Gold

Celtic Woman | MySpace Music Videos

"You'll be in my Heart"

"My Lagan Love"EMI link:

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sheila said...

LOVE them! I've heard them many times (usually around St. Patty's Day) They are very good!

Kimberly said...

Perfect for the up coming holiday too!

Jess said...

you got a rewaard

Unknown said...

Love this group. You did alot of research to write this blog...good work.

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