Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Butt imprints from computer addiction ...

Today I decided I was going to get to my review of this amaaaazing Eco cleaner that I found, but I sat down and was in one of those "playful" moods, so I just can't get in the groove of touting praises about how good it is (and it really is a superb product) so I left it until tomorrow, because I don't have to work tomorrow (and now that I've posted that, fate will step in now, laugh in my face and sent me on several jobs instead)

Does anyone else ever get on the computer, swearing it will be for a minute or so "just to check my emails" you'll tell yourself, then you look up and it's dark and quiet because everyone has gone to bed, your butt has tingles and your eyes are blurry and red? I swear I do this almost every day! Then I vow not to do it again ... and hello butt indent in my chair again. Why is that?
I think it's because there are so many catchy 'gotta enter that', 'oooh, look at that' and 'I never knew that ... I wonder what the story behind that is..." My husband has given up on me, I say I'm getting on the computer and he tells me he'll see me tomorrow - and the sad part is? There's no joking tone in his voice, he is actually making a statement.
Like: "What time is it?"
"4:00 o'clock". No funnies, just resignation and acceptance. Which I find sad, so if I seem to be here alot one minute, then am M.I.A, well - it's because the guilts got me, & I decided to spend time with my family, instead of all you wonderful people, which - no offense, they'll win everytime. But I'll still come back, I can't stay away!

I also will be starting potty training soon, which I know I posted some other day that I was doing it then, but then I had to work some, and was just putting it off  had no chance, so now - for sure! I'll have alot more horror stories and a few tears, definitely some "need a Vaycay" moments, but Being Trained will prevail!
So wish me luck, feel free to send all your commiserations, I'll need them!
She's not mine, but I'm gonna work on it!

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Susan said...

hahahahahaha...this is so me!!! in fact, I'm still on the computer, typing with one hand while breastfeeding my son in the other! and whats worse is that i think not only my husband hates it, but so does my son. he just squirms while he eats as if to say,"stop typing mom!"

Blogs are addicting

Anonymous said...

They don't call it blogger butt for nothing!

Dorothy said...

Isn't that the truth I always say just a minute and end up here for hours.

Dorothy from grammology

An Imperfect Momma said...

Hahaha! I thought I was the only one! My hubby likes to huff and puff while I'm online (thats when I know its been too Thanks for stopping by my blog and the "You GO Girl!" :o)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I can relate. :0)

Tracie said...

I spent 3 hours this morning doing ...., I have no idea. I did order some perfume and eat 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. Other than that no idea.

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

The world wide web is very addicting!

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