Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pleased to meet you, Joliene, :D

I have been remiss in a few things. FIRSTLY! I received some awards & didn't follow through with the passing them on, or thanking the passer.
First of all Tammy, from Tammys-Two Cents was kind enough to grace me with the Sunshine award.
Then Jess, from It's all about the Savings  gave me the Beautiful Blogger award THEN someone else has given me an award (a blog mom/friend mentioned it to me) but I'm thinking it must be on a giveaway post, since I can't find it - and I only check the giveaway ones when I'm about to Random it, (which is why yours took me so long to see Tammy!) Annnyway -stop by these two wonderful blogs, they do a great job - Tammy your floor pics were great, and I loved how everyone got involved :D and Jess - the Birthday Freebies - niiice. Thank you both for the honor - & I also appreciate mystery award #3, when I find you. And I will.
It’s All About Savings

I was contemplating going all cherry-pop happy today, & couldn't muster the enthusiasum. So I nixed that pretty dang quick.
This morning as I was looking around, I found a couple of new sites that had a common theme - which mainly was "Confessions" and "Being Yourself". Well - I have a confession to make. I'm not 'being myself', when I'm online. I'm polite, courteous, even forgiving of perceived slights. I make light of things that in real life, may have slaughtered me, laughed at something my kids did, when really, I was laughing, while holding & kissing, and being a Mom. (Which can't be summed up in 4 sentences)

Offline - I can be a real hard-ass. I love my kids with a ferocity that would rival most mother bears, my husband and I have "off" days, ones where I'm seeking refuge at a girlfriends house to bitch & whine & ultimately go home refueled.
I don't take friendship lightly, I don't eat enough (in the last year I lost close to 90 pounds, I kid you not, just from being sick, going off certain meds. I was on for Lupus & losing my appetite)
I can unfairly ground one of my kids, getting the wrong end of the story.
I like hard music - as in the kind you see 20 year olds head-banging too, I have a tattoo, my accent hasn't completely dried up, but it's getting close.
I gossip, (however hard I try not too) I worry over little things like a dirty look from someone, a harsh word, a certain tone. I sweat the small stuff. As well as the big. And I've kicked some serious ass in my time, as well as gotten mine kicked.
Basically, I'm human. But online, you wouldn't know any of that, I am just one of the many Moms who get online & blog/chat/whatever.
I think it's much more interesting when you know who the "who" is behind the blog. OH! One more thing - (Katie, you will love this)
My real name is : Joliene. A closely guarded secret, & not one freely given. I.Hate.It.
(Sorry Mum), but it's just one of those names that I cannot stand, hate to hear it, on me at least. I can see it on someone else and think - 'it suits her'. Why not me? I have no idea, I'm more of a ... I actually don't know. A "Joe" I guess. And to top it off - it was after the DOLLY PARTON song!! Oh, the humanity ...

This (early) White Stripes version, does make the song sound bearable (who am I kidding? I absolutely LOVE this version, but still. The.Name.Sucks. enjoy!)

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Ms. G said...

I sweat micro-beads so I know what you mean! And even at my advanced age I have to admit I sometimes forget to change the station after my kids get out of the car. People might be amazed at what I know the words to:)

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

It's nice to meet "the real" offline you.

I can relate to lots of it.I've been told I am a real hard-ass. I am aware of grounding my kids unfairly.I guard my friendships and my family with my life.

Robin said...

I like the real you and the online one as well..we all have two sides..and we need them for different circumstances...!! have great day..!

Anonymous said...

I like your name, but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I love how you said, "Basically, I'm human" that was a cool post. Nice to meet you!

Student Entrepreneur said...

Joe, I love reading your blog!! I became a follower not to long ago. I was the one who gave you a Beautiful Blogger Award also. That was back on Feb 18 if you want to take a look. I just REALLY can relate to you!! And you make me SMILE when I really need one!! Thanks!!!!

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I can do you one better: my name is Joan. Boring, one syllable, named after a saint, JOAN! It's a good thing we love our parents, isn't it?

Jack and Alex Manning said...

I love the personal stuff - it does make for more well rounded blogging :). Thanks for dropping by to see me - why did I not know you have five kids! Amazing... And try being named "Peryl" as a kid. I've made peace with it now, but back then I would have killed to be called Joleine ;).


Jack and Alex Manning said...

Btw - the above login is old kids pics, I'm here: http://blog.seattlepi.com/parentingadabsurdum/

Unknown said...

Love your blog! Thanks for participating in POM's Connect MEme Monday! I joined your 2 recommended blogs!


Katie said...

Finally! See don't feel better now that the truth is out.. I looked up Joliene on this site that tells you a funny meaning for your name and this is what it said...
Joliene is usually a person who is pretty chill. they usually like to listen to rockish music and they get boyfriends easy and stick with them long. they have brown hair usually if they have blonde they are little on the slutty side. when they are younger they are a bit of a nerd, but they do grow up to be wonderful.
Joliene was so rocking at that concert.

Was your hair ever blonde?? j/k
you know i love you!

Dee said...

I love your honesty! I think we're all a bit different on line to some degree! I love the pic of you! You look like you could kick some ass if need be! Lol...

Have a great day! Congrats on the awards!

Chacoy said...

Better late than never!
At least your name is common- imagine having my name throughout school?
I think that your a bad ass now! I like the real Joe;} I don't know if everyone really tells who they really are online, are they really going to tell us that they blew up on little John John because he shaved the cat while she was blogging, and if she does, someone will juge her for her honesty- which is a damn shame!

I told you I was trying to get all caught up and I will get that award up today that I got from you like 2 months ago{sorry, I am what you call a slasher oh yeah right, I meant to say a slacker}
Don't forget to come over and enter the Little Pea Boutique giveaway!!

Betsy Henry said...

congrats on your sunshine award..I just got a Beautiful Blogger's Award. Isn't it a nice feeling?

I loved reading this blog and admire your honesty. I've worked to the point where I don't sweat the small stuff...come see my blog at www.zen-mama.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for the confessional! I love the new look of your blog! You'll have to pop in to read my new page, About Me.
Seems we're all nicer online...

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