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Evora Kids Oral Care GIVEAWAY

This Giveaway is now CLOSED. Congratulations to "Katrina"!!
As a parent, I worry about the health & cleanlines of all my kids' teeth. They brush regularly, floss occasionally (I know, I'm awful) & I make sure they don't overdose on sugary foods (especially since 80 to 90% of cavities occur on the chewing surfaces of children's teeth). But I still feel like there is more I could be doing .... and there is!
EvoraKids is the first Probiotic oral care system for kids (they have tablets for adults as well) and the tablets taste great! There is no lingering after-taste, they dissolve quickly, and there is no "medicine-taste" to them.
But the best part? It's all natural! No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors - and it definitely tastes like the "Wild Very Cherry Berry" flavor that I was given to review.

Children pose the biggest concern when it comes to tooth decay, as they tend to eat a lot more sugary foods.They may brush, and even floss - but they haven't yet learned good oral habits. And despite all this effort - bacteria still remains in their mouth.
Dr. Jeffery Hillman was the doctor who found three strains of beneficial bacteria, that help maintain an optimal balance of beneficial bacteria in the mouth. (So he called this blend ProBiora3, which is the active ingredient in EvoraKids.)
So using EvoraKids chewable tablet (the first probiotic based tablet, for 3-10 year olds) means you can rest easy as a parent knowing that the ProBiora3 technology is fighting the Streptococcus mutans, which is a common bacteria found in dental plaque,after you've done all you can do to clean your teeth.

What does all this mean? It means you have a tablet that your kids are going to want to incorporate into their daily routine of oral care. I don't know about you, but to get my kids to brush is like pulling teeth (no pun intended!) and I found with this tablet, they were asking me if they could brush their teeth!

This product has all the legitimate backing behind it (a lot of PHD's, long medical terms, the whole nine yards) so all you need to be concerned about is the fact that today, EvoraKids wants to offer you a chance to win this fantastic product to try for yourself! This is an opportunity you don't want to pass up - and it couldn't be easier! So, want to win this?

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This giveaway will run from 2.6.10 until 2.15.10, please leave separate comments for each entry, winner will be selected via Random.Org  & emailed. They will then 8 hours to respond, or another winner will be drawn.
**Please note, I received no form of monetary compensation for my opinion/review. I did receive a product from the company in order to give a fair & balanced review and any opinion, statement etc. expressed in said review in soley my own & was in no way influenced by a third party.

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I am a google friend!

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I email subscribe to 20 to life!

Unknown said...

I am a parent too, and I worry a lot in terms of my kids' oral health and condition. Brushing three times a day is a standard and I make it up to the point that they wont forget it. It's my duty to be with them or at least remind them by calling or leaving them “post it” messages whwnever I'm at work. Plus, just like the advices from my dentist Collierville, a trusted mouthwash is needed to reach those spots brushes can't reach. It's a total oral care!

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