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Zoodles Review & Giveaway

I know a lot of you are probably wondering - "What the heck is Zoodles??" Well, before I tell you exactly what Zoodles is - I want to tell you my personal opinion on it, and then we can go from there.
I have 5 (five!) kids, all the apple of my eye, all precocious, and all very independent!
The other concern you may have is along the lines of "Oh, another browser boring review?" Far from it! If you're a Mom with kids, who have homework that teachers insist is done online, then this is for you!

I'm the kind of Mom who may be considered "paranoid" or I may "go overboard" when it comes to their safety - but I just think you need to be cautious when it comes to kids, safety and internet! If you watch the news and hear gossip from other Moms, you know yourself how dangerous the world out there has become.

For months now, I've been frustrated with the lack of internet browsers that are catered especially to kids, and only for kids. They "claim" they are kid friendly and understand what kids want, but honestly - that's a false statement.
Once you get down to the nitty gritty, you quickly learn that there is a lot more to it than "so easy a child can use it"
I want something that keeps them safe as they, in their innocence, wander around the net, accidentally typing in a sentence that may bring up some x-rated content, or even some PG-13 content these days. I usually stand around my children as they have their turn, either playing "games", or use educational endevours because I don't want something to pop up that they'll remember and I'll regret!

Well - whenever I find a browser for kids, it usually turns out that it's really for a more mature audience, you have to have "internet" knowledge that sometimes, even I don't have it!
Well .... this one is different!

It is  customized to your child, (each child can have a profile specified for them and you can add as many kids as you have), When you set it up, you're asked questions  like age, what subjects they need help with, all things that a decent browser will ask.
My daughter 'A' has been having trouble with math, she just doesn't seem to "get it", and with Zoodles, I'm able to customize the browser to her, so she can play games aimed at helping her learn while having fun.
Another fantastic feature, is that it's so easy to use.
My kids jump on, with no help from me, and they are roaming around within minutes! They also get lost playing around on it - whereas before, the fustration level was what would drain them enough to move on to something better, instead of staying on task, and I don't blame them.

There's also no fear that someone will "chat" to them, it's solely a browser that's private and only for the user and as a mother, that was a huge relief for me!
They also have intergrated parental features, so you control what they see and have - even on a kid browser, something that, although perhaps unnecessary - scores huge brownie points in my book!

Another fantastic feature is there is they keep track of how well they're doing compared to the previous week. There will be a graph showing whether they have progressed, or need to work harder on a particular subject. Educationally, this is every parents (and teachers) dream!
The selection of games is immense, Zoodles has all kinds. And they're intruiging - as an adult I was captivated! They're fun, original and they keep your chils interested - while they're learning!

I was so excited to be able to review this, as I have 5 kids and they always want to get on the computer, and I don't like them to be on without my presence. This solves everything!
If this sounds like something that you have been searching for, then I guarantee, this is the answer for you.
Something for your kids to work on after school, and during weekends,  they find it "fun" and you can relax in the knowledge that it's extra homework while staying safe.

My daughter's math has improved, she's eager to get onto Zoodles when she gets home, and it warms my heart because she is now enjoying doing what she once was ashamed off.

This is something I think any mother needs to at least try for their children, it's something that I, as a mother (who is very fickle) was immediately impressed & praising.

Zoodles features

  • Ad blocking

  • Educational games & activities

  • Parental controls

  • Parental "play along" mode

Zoodles also offers a trial period of this wonderful browser, so you can see what features would work for you, before you purchase - it's most definitely worth it!
Now, Zoodles has offered my readers, 5 of them to be exact, a chance to try this out, so you can see for yourself how wonderful this is for your children, 3 FREE months of premium membership - and that is something you do NOT want to pass up!

Zoodles offers your children something that I haven't seen anyone else offer - they haven't even come close. They not only have my seal of approval, but I think that if you're serious about your kids, internet safety and their education, then this is something you will want to invest in.

All you have to do to have a shot at this awesome opportunity, is to leave me a comment telling me how you think your children can benefit from something as fantastic as this kid aimed, mom approved browser.

I will choose 5 readers and send you the code to start on the path for your childs well being. (I will be using, as usual)
What have you got to lose? This is something so simple and easy, and it's for your children, nothing should be more important!

Check Zoodles out at

Also, if you decide to enter this (as it is a giveaway, it's just set out differently) You earn +2 entries into any of my other giveaways!
In your comment post "Entered Zoodles giveaway #1" then, #2.

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