Saturday, December 26, 2009

How was your Christmas fallout?

Well, it's done. Another year has passed into memory & i for one, had a blast this year! Not only did I win fabulous prizes that I now have to look forward too (& there's still more giveaways throughout the year), my children seemed quite contented with their gifts from PS3's (mainly my husbands idea) to the Elefun game (definitely mine) they loved it. The only thing now is the Wiggle Board my 2 year old got is SUPER loud on our house of tile floors! But if she's happy ....
My mother called from New Zealand to let me know (they have Christmas the day before, which is the 25th for them) their day went, and my brother got a RipStik made from Canadian wood! (wow!) My little sister was graced with a haircut of her long, beautiful hair, which she has told her father (my step father) "I want to cut it, but Mummy won't let me" a wake up call for my mother if ever she's heard one, except, I'm doing the same thing! I want my little girls to have long luxurious locks - but they don't. It gets in the way of 'playing'! Ahh well.
We also went to our mother in law's Christmas day, (I mainly slept, being sick and 'flaring' up, but still) and those Ebbelscebers were tasty!
We then spent the night playing "Rock Band" and I tell you what - my voice isn't as awful as I though. I managed to "AWESOME" songs - so there to everyone who ever said "Good grief! Is that you singing or a cat in pain??" So we all stayed up until 3 in the morning wailing away, rocking out on guitar & drumming. It was a blast! Today we'll do nothing but get to know our presents, intimately (I GOT MY CRICUT!! so that's me alllll day! Mwahahah) and pig out on leftovers, cookies, peppermint bark, anything we feel like - yum!
On a more jolly note - we actually did catch the fat man himself in our home! We had set the camera up at a 30 degree angle on the target (the Christmas tree) set it for motion detection, and voila! We snapped ole Father Christmas, who was gracious enough to smile for us, with his load of goodies as he was about to place them under our tree for the kids to find the next day! And here he his!

Of course, the kids were thrilled, if not suspicious (Why is he smiling at you if you caught him Mom? Shouldn't you be asleep?)
Mainly that's because when I picked a photo to add (Catch Santa) the ones they had weren't suitable for how we had our house places - I mean, they may have worked, but I also wanted the kids to know it wasn't "Dad" dressed up in a suit, putting on a show.
The things we do for our kids!

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