Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too much Christmas??

Does anyone else ever get what I dubb the "Holiday Blues"? I don't want to drag this down, but every now and then  it's almost like I get blah. In my mind I'm trying to perk myself up, but I just can't.
There's the Christmas present buying, hiding, then wrapping. There's getting that person something because they got you something, there's the school friends gifts, the teachers gifts, the bus driver gifts! It never ends! Then there's your neigbors and the cookies that go with that - and then theres your extended family!!!
Good grief, its enough to make anyone run and hide for the month!
And on top of that, there's watching someone else who may be better off financially, buying things left, right and center! I tell you, some days I want to curl up on the couch, throw in a movie (and maybe it won't be all Christmassy) and just veg out. Not clean my house, not decorate my stuff - just an average nothing day.
Does anyone else ever get that? If you have kids of course - you fake it. You can't very well snap when you hear for the 40th time that "Brittney's mom said Santa might get her the Bratz LapTop she wants, do you think he'll get me one if I'm good?"
And then the questions about Santa when they hit that age where, they are starting to not believe ... but don't dare voice an absolute opion on "NO", just in case. So you have to hear the "trip up" questions. "But what if you move?", "What if you've really been mean - but he didn't see it?" "How does he fit in the house since we don't have a chimney?"
Some days it gets overwhelming and (yes, I'm going to say it) annoying! Then what? I find this helps, but sometimes screaming into a pillow does wonders! How about you? Any "remedies" for days like this? *sigh* I guess I'll trudge on and plaster a smile on my face, while I fake a 'Ho Ho Ho' and see what happens ....

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