Monday, December 28, 2009

What's going on for your New Year?

Where I'm from in New Zealand, I rew up having 'New Years' as almost a bigger deal than Christmas. You picked where you were going to celebrate it, with whom, doing what - and who would have your kids, because of course there would be much drinking.
My, how times have changed! Not only do I not drink, but New Years is more about keeping the kids up til midnight by playing a bunch of family games (Risk <--Husbands fave. Monopoly, or Video games that are two-player) then we all say "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!" & drag ourselves off to bed because we're dead tired & really have wanted to go to bed for about 4 or 5 hours.
Sometimes I miss the NZ way of doing it - it's a big party, and the whole country (& alot of people from other countries) are all there to help you ring in the New Year.
Nelson, in the South Island, is the first country in the world to see the sunrise. Which is cool, because they always do something really big and explosive - for this tiny wee town that otherwise, doesn't see much action, other than beachy tourists.

This year, we'll be doing much of the same as every other year - sitting around, playing games, enjoying each others company, drinking apple cidar (which my eldest son thinks is just too funny. He was convinced it was actual wine due to the bottle, and when I tried to give him some to taste, he looked at me as if I was Jezebel reincarnated! I had to coax him into it, he took a very small sip - with extreme distrust in his eyes (and where the heck did that come from? All of a sudden I'm going to do something that would be harmful for him, lol?)
Now he begs for it - I think he secretly pretends it's wine & he's at some fabulous party with grownups where he's allowed to drink. So I'll post some pics from  this years sitting around party, but I wanted to know what you all were doing for New Years (I wonder if we're supposed to be getting together at the Mother in Laws this year?? I'm always the last to know!!) But link me to your site so I can go check out your pics if you post any. (Also - At D&R do you think you can find a use for the gift we gave you? Like, a "real" use, not a "we-have-this-so-we'll-use-it" kind of thing. I hope so, but if you can't give it to someone who might!)
Til we meet again,

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