Friday, December 4, 2009

"RIGHT ON THE WALLS" giveaway!

You have to go to this site My Organized Chaos, the host of this FABULOUS blog find of mine is hosting a giveaway for a site that is new to me, "Right on the Wall", you SO HAVE to check this out! As you know (or at least, my family readers, who have yet to FOLLOW me *hints*) I'm a huge fan of vinyl and Wall lettering, and I thought I had found the best website to get this type of stuff and I was wrong!
This site is amazing - their clocks are fabulous, I want one, they have a huge selection, they're innovative, original and cute!! I am literally going to bug Craig if I don't win the giveaway at My Organized Chaos.
Go and see what they have, there's a huge selection! And definitely go to My Organized Chaos and enter her giveaway, she has a bunch too, so you might as well follow her and sign up for all the gives that interest you!
Yay on finding this, I'm too excited!

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