Friday, December 11, 2009

Twitter parties for twits ...?

So I'm offically a complete novice when it comes to Twitter parties! I've tried 2 now and failed spectacularly! I finally had to admit defeat and find a 'How-To', and possibly have it sorted out. Fingers crossed!
I chowed down most of the Cinnamon buns Donna was kind enough to bring (me) us, so thank you for that. Craig is considering telling you to next time, make (me) us a separate plate, and one for the kids :D

I have a quick link tonight, nothing grand, just a e-book Gifts in a Jar type of thing, you enter your email address, and voila! Ideas for Christmas gifts! Here

So this is a short post tonight, we have a guest sleeping over tonight (trial) a cat, who doesn't respond to her name, so we can even name her and she's not quite kitten, definitely not cat. She's playful, affectionate and loving. She's even surviving Avas constant attention and demands of "NO Kitty. Mine", whilst carting him her all over the house.
We'll see how tonight goes and then decide if shes a keeper, or a giver-back.

The kids are all over her though. It may become a case of 'if we say 'no' Mom and Dad are the bad guys'. Great. This Christmas so far has shaped up to be ... meh. And I hate that - time to kick it up several notches eh!

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