Thursday, December 31, 2009

Elefun is NO fun!

So I decided to post this tonight (Happy New Years! everyone) because I suffered acute disappointment with a game that Hasbro produces called "EleFun".
This game has become the bane of my existence starting with Black Friday where I had to fight the crowds at three different stores in order to obtain the bloody thing, my theory being that "A" would have a blast playing this game on New Years Eve, which is what our family does. We all play games, eat junk, and talk trash on how awesome we are at playing said games, until midnight where we all "HAPPY NEW YEAR" each other & stumble off to bed, tired and satisfied (depending on if you won most of your games)
Well this year I thought "A", who is 2, could be included because we would have this amazing, super, wonderful game for her to play. Anyway - after getting it, I tried today to set it up, and found it didn't work. (bites) So I took it all the way back to the store (New years eve day, I might add, when everyone and their mother is out getting last minute goodies for the night) they then told me (by 'they', I mean the caring, customer minded workers at our towns Wal-Mart) that I needed to have my drivers license to exchange it (since when?) which of course I didn't have on me.
I then drive all the way home, back to the store (after stopping at a friends house to help her out with some stuff, so by this time it's getting late, I'm tired & want a quick game exchange, because I have everything I need to do it)
I get to the store, finally exchange it, after only waiting nearly an hour - (how fantastic is that! Only one hour!) So I finally get the game, which I've started to refer to as "IT" home, only to discover that IT's fan isn't powerful enough to shoot the butterflies up the trunk.
So now I've hyped my poor daughter up ("LOOK A! It's Elefun! Yay!! Butterflies - wanna play? I'm so excited to see you play it! Yay!") She was practically foaming at the mouth. What a disappointment! The first thing I did was cuss email Hasbro with a "Disgusted-IT-didn't-work-after-all-my-trouble" email, thinking it would help me to feel a little better. Which of course, it didn't, because theres no one on the other end telling me how sorry they are, how awesome I am for going to all that trouble for my daughter, how they'll do all my housework for the next week just for the inconvenience. But Then!
I check my emails - and I'd WON ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! (Ha! Take that Hasbro.) It was thanks to Dwana over at "A Bittersweet Existence", and it was a beautiful "Baby Emi" jewelery, those cute anklets with little bells for babies and/or moms? I'm psyched! So that at least perked my night up alot (thank you Bittersweet!) So now I'm not in a the-night-would-still-be-better-if-IT-worked! (I know that sounds selfish, I should be (and am) grateful to just be with my family, but really? After all that trouble, it just would have been nice if it worked!)
My husband made a great dinner of buffalo and killer potatoes (I won't touch the buffalo, but I hear it's fabulous) my kids are excited ("We get to stay up till WHEN?) And I've got my 'won a giveaway' glow. So all in all, things are looking up - I hope everyone else has a fantastic New Year - much love from the Degen family to yours. My new years resolution? Burn IT first thing in the morning and find another game to captivate my 2 year old - Take THAT again Hasbro!

As a post note, this was a giveaway I won from Aubut Family and an Etsy store called "Girlie Bows", which makes the cutest girls dresses! Well, I got my package today and immediately threw it on A who ADORED it, she was posing & grinning and telling everyone "Mine. no - MINE" when they tried to touch the bows, lol.


Well, that's it for me and 2009. See you next year! xx

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~*~*~*~*~ said...

I just had to tell you, that little girl of yours is too precious! Is that your stubborn toddler you mentioned? See, God makes them so cute so we don't wring their little necks! She is beautiful, she truly is.

Joe. said...

I absolutely agree - God DOES make them sweet n cuddly so we don't wring their little necks, lol!
Thank you, that always makes a Mom (or, me at least)glow hearing someone else complimenting their children :D

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