Friday, February 5, 2010

If you nosed your way here, then you must be curious about the master-mind behind this blog. Well - what can I say? I'm breath-taking, the perfect weight, wealthy beyond my dreams & a chronic liar.
When I choose to return to reality, I'm a Mom to 5 super fantastic wonderful kids who keep me grounded at all times!
I met & married my husband of nearly 10 years when he was serving a mission for the LDS Chruch in New Zealand - he cracked a joke - only I laughed, and laughed till I had tears coming out of my eyes - we were a match made in heaven! He's been keeping me inlaughter ever since.

I have a sarcastic sense of humor, "dry" I believe is the technical term, LOVE almost anything different, bold, attention grabbing and honest. Without honesty, you have nothing.

You can reach me at any of the following places - if I don't return your question/statement/abusive text right away, it means I'm currently busy with the fam., listing something on my blog, or ignoring you. But don't worry - I will eventually get back to you ;) (personal email, you're not likely to illicit a response from me on here, unless you're PR or family/friends. Sorry.

I think that about does it, if you were here looking to get some personal goods such as shoe size, favorite color & pet peeves, well - you'll just have to keep reading my blog ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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A GAL NEEDS... said...

Hi, just wanted to learn what more a fellow Utahn might have in common with me. Apparently, a little more than I initially thought! It'll be fun to follow you!

Unknown said...

Hi Joe:) I love your new look and your honesty:) I just got back from your guest post and love it alot. just coming by to say, hi.

GAFlyGirl said...

LOL I found you through a fellow follower of mine, and got a kick out of your blog,sense of humor.. you will definitely be a fun follow! I love your blog design too. Way cute!

Another fellow mormon mommy blogger having fun blogging her memories away..
Welcome to your newest follower!!
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