Monday, January 4, 2010

a somewhat "downer" post, sorry

I haven't posted anything lately, so I figured I should get on here and leave some kind of something behind! I got word from Hasbro, they are sincerely disappointed in my disappointment with a product of theirs. They will be rectifying the situation, which is fine, but I'm still not a fan of Hasbro, so offering to 'give me something else of equal or lesser value', while is a nice thought (I do have to send EleFun back though) it's really just a store exchange, isn't it? Which I specified in my email was exactly what I didn't want (I can easily go back to the store here and get another product of equal or lesser value too, it still doesn't work as it should!)
So I'm still at square one - they did send me an apology, but I'm still stuck with my daughters curious glances whenever IT is mentioned near her. When she see's it, she will point and say "Elefun", but wonders where my excitement went, and why I don't get all worked up over it anymore. I'm to blame for that though, I have learned my lesson - no more "pre" excitement in extreme measures until I've trial run whatever it is.
This has turned back into another Elefun rant, and I'm not consumed with this, so let's change the subject for fear of looking as though I am consumed.
I'm Lupus sick today, and was yesterday also. I wish there was some way of not being on any medicine at all, & being strong enough to cope with everything that will most assuredly land on my lap.
I've done natural, ran (with my knees & eyes now though, I can't run as much as I want to) <-- well that, and my laziness level is up there.
My doctor has informed me to "go swimming" for the back, eyes and anything else that's occurred. I agree, to some degree (lol, say that 5 times) it would help with muscle cramps etc. but for my eyes? How would chlorine filled water, with other peoples bacteria help with my failing eyesight? Well, it can't hurt at least. So a-swimming I will go! (Once my Flare has died!)

The kids go back to school tomorrow! I have mixed feelings about this. I've liked & gotten used to having them around the house, even though it's a short time they were here (in N.Z our Christmas holidays are during summer, so we have 6-8 weeks off from school there. It took me a while to get used to the whole "I go back to work the day after boxing day" thing.??) Well, they're here now, and we have to shift back into 'school schedule' mode, & on days like today, I just don't feel like it.
I've seriously turned this into a 'whine' post, which I usually can't stand, so I'm stopping now. Just know, I'm sick, tired and have a lot to catch up on. I also argued with my mother the other day over some strange unimportant things, the end result of which is she hung up on me from over 8,000 miles away. She knows I can't just "call her back" due to the cost of that (N.Z has cheaper rates & phone deals to other countries, but N.Z is such a small country that america doesn't have the same deals, and the cost is almost surreal. I once was on the phone from our end for 3-4 minutes. The cost was nearly $30.00! Mum can call me here, talk for 2 hours, and pay $20.00) Anyway! I've been feeling "off" ever since that went on. So another reason why this turned 'blah', but I'll be back. I know this will bother me all day until I get back on and post something light and fluffy with some pictures to boot. Unless it's a not-so-good review, but I'll be back.
*Happy School Day for Tomorrow*

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