Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Great companies, great bloggers

I received some winnings in the mail today, & it caused me to reflect on how many companies are starting (or, maybe because I'm starting so late in the game, they've been noticing for a while) to recognize the power in numbers that come from the "Blogger" community. I know I've been at this for maybe 2 months, & the welcome has been astounding! So many Moms & other bloggers going out of their way to hand down tips, advice & friendly welcomes & recommendations, it's truly been inspirational. I also looked up Anissa today (from Hope for Peyton) & was touched to see how many bloggers reached out with their prayers & thoughts for her & her family when this awful tragedy occurred. It does make one feel part of something.

I decided to quickly post some of the pics I have from the giveaways I won. So starting with the IDog - which is so, SO cool, this was from Amy at Resourceful Mommy, now she has a great site & I'm thinking she's also the queen of Twitter parties, which I have yet to figure out! So thank you to her for this great prize, & to the Idog soft speaker makers!

Next is the Baby Emi anklet I won from  Dwana at A Bittersweet Existence, this giveaway is beautiful! I canNOT wait for summer! My daughter threw a fit when I told her she couldn't wear it until then, so I'll be dealing with that all night now *groan*

Then! (yup, there's more! As Susan, from 5 Minutes for Mom once said "I should buy some lottery tickets" :D) I also got the cute "Buddy Top" (I picked Chip, the chick) thanks to a giveaway hosted by The Blogger Mommies (they have a store also, which is where this darling hat came from) And if you adopt all 8, you also receive a 'special collector hat', & they're so darn cute, I may just be doing that! And "A" fell in love with Chip (whose little card says "He's a chick that believes in himself", so they also come with little motivational sayings, which I thought was adorable.

And last, but definitely not least, I won TWO giveaways at the SAME TIME on Pats site Here and There, which has some great travelling tips, so you should go by & check her site out.
I won a softlips, (I already posted those pics when I got them - my kids ran off with 2 of the lip glosses!!) I also won a Yo Yo Lip Gloss giveaway, & these are cute little 'mini' lip glosses.(Which my girls haven't seen yet, so I may even get to keep some of them!)

Well, that about wraps up my shout outs to these awesome blogs, and the great companies that decided to do giveaways & get their name out there.
Also - for those who don;t know, I'm hosting a giveaway (my first! Let's hope I don't screw that up, lol) for Belly Charms, a seriously amazing store that you can find here they do jewelery for Mom-to-Be's (belly buttons rings, that are flexible, for when you have a bun in the oven ... or several, as the case may be) and lots of personalized jewelery for Moms - where you can have pretty much anything put on it, team colors, names, letters, what ever you can think up can probably be done for you! So that's mid-February sometime, he owner of this fabulous store recently endured a move, so when she's settled, she was kind enough to offer to do a giveaway for me!
Til then ...

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The Royal Family said...

cute blog. Hey thanks for stopping by mine! I love the americana background. New follower! :)

I also did comment and contact about that book on the pr place... no reply yet.. :(

talk soon, Brandy

Unknown said...

Congrats on all the winnings!

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