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Baby names - Apply here!

Today I have a lot of catching up to do, seen as I haven't posted in a while. Just to let you know, (other than giveaways I have planned for before then, I have an excellent company lined up known as Belly Charms, who are going to host a giveaway with me, and I'm SO excited about that one. (This will be around the middle of Febuary)
A lot has gone on this week, Haiti, Haiti relief funds, my first giveaway ... well - maybe I shouldn't put my news next to something so catostrophic, there's almost no words for the sorrow the people of Haiti must be feeling.
I've seen alot of other blogger posting great links for fund donation and thought that was great.

Today, I have a question for all you great moms, dads and readers out there. I need some baby names. Not for me (omgosh, NOT for me!) my sister in law is in need of some names for a baby girl. They tend to go for the more classical names, like Sarah or Jayne, Jessica or Emma. (These are not actually the names of her girls, for privacy reasons, I'd rather not divulge that information)
So let's hear it! - any names you like, any names you know, any names you wish you could have been called - all of them, I want them! I'll then pass them along to her, and IF she does pick one of your names (and if there's one or more comment for the same name, I will include everyone that posted) I'll be sending you a small 'thank you' gift , (for which I'll need your shipping info.)

Now back to other things, I have a "cleaning" tip, for everyone out there who suffers from this problem (and if you live in Utah area, then you're one of them):
                     How do you get rid of HARD WATER stains in the bathroom/laundry room etc. ??

The answer isn't Lime Away, which I personally dislike as it is. The smell makes my eyes burn, as well as my nostril hairs. That, to me, indicates that it's not "good", just "deadly". So here it is, now and then I work with a friend of mine or her mother, both of whom own seperate cleaning business'. They get to do some really high-end homes - absolutely beautifully decorated, all that jazz. (One home had maps placed at strategic locations, so you would know where you were and how to get where you wanted too. MAPS!!) Well, yesterday I went and helped my friend clean a beautiful home, and it had horrendous hard water stains. The fantastic acid she buys - nada. The soft scrub (a personal fav.) zip. She then tells me four words that changed my life.
That's right ladies (& gentlemen), the magic marker soaked in a bucket of warm water with cleaner in it. Wipes it right off! You can also use this bad boy on shelves in your pantry, walls, porcelin, anywhere it tells you it's safe to use a Magic Marker - you can use it on that.

I know, you're very welcome, ;) if you have any tips you want to share, feel free to add them here.

Another side note - I'll be posting an upcoming review/giveaway for some Country Bob's Sauce in the very near future - and I tell you what, you WILL become a believer after tasting that sauce, lol. It's that good!

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Suzi said...

I was going to name my daughter (if i ever have one that is...) Hannah Isabelle, btu then a bunch of our friends had daughters and named them hannah (the nerve) so I'm not going to use it now, bu I still think it's a pretty name.

Or Jenna, I like Jenna too....

I hope your sister finds a good name! :)

Desert Rose said...

Ashlyn, Isabella, Claire..umm, can't think of anymore!

Christie said...

Charlotte is a good classic name.

Amy J said...

Annabelle, Allison, Isabella, Victoria, Jennifer, Madison, Sarah, Jenna

Hmmm....those were all runners up for me when I was pregnant. Of course I did use two of those! LOL

Unknown said...

My favorite baby name for a girl has always been Marina I think it's beautiful.

Liz Mays said...

Wait, you take a regular magic marker and soak it in cleaner and then color the soap scum off the wall???

Joy@TPMG said...

Isabelle (Belle for short), Charlotte, Clara, and Anna are some of my favorite names.

Magic erasers are the best invention ever. They are wonderful also on vinyl floors, walls, and countertops (they take off everything). I never heard of the magic marker! I have to try it.

I am now following. Great blog.

Megan R. said...

Do you mean Magic Eraser?

How about Clara? Sophia, Bella, Elisabeth (love it with an S!), Mae, Laura, Grace, Faith, Hope.

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I always loved Eric or Dawson for boy and Nikita or Maelle for girl.

My friend just had a baby girl and named her Marina which is very pretty as well.

Unknown said...

Ella, Hannah, Abigail (Abby), Samantha, Savannah, Sadie, Mckaylee, Mckenzie, Brooklynn, Amy, Callie, Cierra, and my personal fave because it's my name: Rachel!
As you can see I have lots of little girl names...and I of course have a boy! I'll have a hard time narrowing down my choices when I have my little girl!

Thanks for the water spots treatment...I do live in Utah, so I understand!

Laura said...

My favorite (my daughter's name) Natalie....
We get so many compliments on her name.
She's nine and just loves it and so do I.

Angie B said...

I've had all boys though we always thought of girl names just incase. I tend to lean toward more uncommon names. I like: Ariana, Adriana, Kyra, Summer, Autumn, I actually met a girl named Season one time and I thought that was unique and pretty. I also had a friend whose cousin's name was Winter.

Brow Raised Beauty said...

Oh yes!! I love, love, love the Magic Eraser with all my mother-of-a-2-yr-old heart. It saved my stone fireplace from an orange crayon and black Sharpie.

As for names, hmmmm...I like the names Dylan and Ryann for a girl. I was given some advice though recently along the lines of being cautious to take their possible nicknames into consideration. For instance, the name Portia seems to be popular but the nickname, "Por" or "Tia" (which is fine but not exactly what you started with) could take the stage. Good Luck!!xoxo

~*~*~*~*~ said...

LOVE the look of your new blog, very sweet and classic.
As for the baby names, I always sat down and wrote one from every letter of the alphabet, even hard ones. That helped me. Alicia, Betsy, Candice, Darcy, etc.
And the button, I would love one! I really need that! Thank you for being my first blog friend. And you are more than welcome about the tip.

Chacoy said...

I might be a little biased but OH WELL!!!
I don't know why but I love the name Chacoy, pronounced ShacoiLOL
That's a hard one, I had a hard time picking a name for Chucky, his name was going to Boy-21cutemom, luckily for him my sissy stepped in;}
Speaking of sissy, my neice' name is Cameron Abby(NOT Abigale)Oh I know of a girl name Brooklyn;}or Avery, or just kidding, that's all I got!
How you doing with your insomnia?
If your not doing so good, I won't hold it against you if you GET the drugs;}j/k

Joe. said...

Sorry - just as a note, it WAS "Magic ERASER, NOT magic marker, lol - good grief would THAT have caused an uproar in your home!!
I had a few things going on so I hadn't been able to get back on here to correct that HUGE typo. Sorry!
Magic ERASER, not magic marker. :D

Antjezh said...

I named my daughter Isabella Rose...I thought it was an elegant classic name but one that isn't very common. Then Twilight came out and now EVERYONE is named Bella....dang lol. I should have gone with Zipporah Rose (the name of an ancestor of mine)

Joy@TPMG said...

LOL. I figured it was a typo after taking a few minutes to think about it. Normally common sense would have kicked in but I have been pretty sleep deprived and going on two-three hours of sleep with a teething baby.

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