Friday, January 22, 2010

Help wanted

There is a blog out there that I just love, called 5 Minutes for Mom it's run by twins, Janice and Susan and they have everything from giveaways to stores they they own separately. I think these ladies are just fantastic, they always seem to be doing something for someone else, or promoting a great cause, anything they can do in a selfless way - they do.
Well a few weeks back they posted about a childrens drawing contest courtesy of Yoplait.
The contest was for kids to draw a picture of themselves and what makes them "Strong and Happy".
Well, my daughter entered this, she has a complex that SHE can do anything (which I just love) and her theme was the fact that boys aren't always stronger than girls! She has womens lib ingrained in her DNA.
Well the great news that I'm posting about today is - she made it to the top 15 finalists! I'm so excited for her, she's the kind of girl who, when given a gift, will jump up and down and just love all over you. She appreciates anyone giving her a second thought. It's amazing that an 8 year old can be so beyond her years.
I believe (and yes, I'm biased) she deserves to win!
What I'd like to ask of all you fabulous readers, and wonderful Moms, is to please go to this site, and vote for her drawing. She would appreciate it, and I do too. The winning picture receives $1000.00!! If she were to win, that money goes straight to her savings, and will pay for her gymnastics lessons, which is something she wants SO desperately, but due to our finances, we can't afford to send her to take them!
If you can spare the time, go to this site  
Leave a comment saying you vote for Number #1 - Strong and Happy, and that's it!
She did such  great job, and I'd love for everyone to show her some support and let her know how fantastic her art work (and her convictions) are. I think its so important for girls these days to be independent, strong and able - and the fact that my 8 year old already has that mind frame makes me a very proud Mom!
A bug thanks goes out to Yoplait as well, for thinking up a super unique idea to get kids thinking about how much they can contribute just by being them!
If you feel like it, you can leave some comment love here letting me know what you thought, so I can send you some loving thoughts for helping my daughter, thank you.
Also - I want to add here, some more giveaways are coming up - some more AWESOME giveaways at that, so stick around and make sure you enter those bad boys.
And to all those kids who entered - how amazingly cute, they came up with some originl ideas, and it's so fantastic the way their wee minds work!

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