Wednesday, January 6, 2010

If the 'What if' happened tomorrow ... would you be ready?

Do you ever worry you're not prepared enough? Not in your day to day life, I mean - if disaster were to strike tomorrow, do you have a 72 hour bag at the ready? Do you carry a 'Break down' kit in your car? Do you have food storage? With the way the economy is headed, (& if you're the religious type, depending on your religion, there's Revelation, or the Book of Mormon phophets. I'm sorry, those are really the only 2 main books (Bible, BOM) of scripture I'm aware of, mainly because we're LDS) then you have to worry about 2nd coming type of stuff as well.
A lot of people, whenever I bring this up, give me that look. You know the one? It's accompanied by an uncomfortable silence, & you get the "Let's move onto something else, shall we?" polite smile. Not many people like to talk about it, but I've also found you usually don't - if you aren't as prepared as you'd like to be.
I know I'm not, and with 5 kids (and a cat), that's a lot of prepardness stuff I need to do! It makes me guilty to think that I have a bunch of children depending on me, and at best, I could feed them for 3 months a piece if the shiz really hit the fan. Then what? Hope that everything came back on line? I think short term, we'd be fine - but what if - (for example) war was to come to the shores of these great United States? (I mean, God forbid this should happen!) How prepared would you and your family be? Do you have arms in your home, or maybe you don't believe in that. How would you prepare to defend your family?

Money? What if the dollar was to become worthless tomorrow - then what becomes the monetary system? Food? Beer? Cigarettes? (My husband and I have thought and discussed this in depth before, and we decided having beer or cigarettes to bargain with probably wouldn't be such a bad idea. But ... it's also against our word of wisdom, so we also decided that we'd be better off without that kind of stuff, and the Lord would provide a way)
Now, I don't mean to make this into a debate about religion, because it doesn't matter what you believe, when disasters strike, the playing field is leveled and we all become dependent on one another, as Americans and as human beings to help each other. But what if all that text in the bibles were to happen soon ... how prepared are you? I've wandered around, and haven't really seen giveaways catered toward 'prepardness' type stuff. Learning how to cook from scratch, how to start & organize your food storage, what natural medicine can be found in nature ... that kind of stuff. I may have to look into that, because there's nothing that scares me more than thinking my children reply on me to feed, clothe and protect them, but if life as we know it, were to suddenly be taken away. (Threats foreign & domestic, or even nature) how well can I do my job as a Mom, if I'm not prepared?
If anyone knows of a site that gives great advice on what to do, where to go, what to get - please let me know, I know it worries me (I have also been watching a show on t.v about the 2nd coming, wars leading up to that, politics and the state of things for us right now, so of course, I'm a little 'jumpy' about this subject right now.) I don't mean to get all 'deep & heavy', it was just something I was pondering on, so of course I turn to my blog (don't we all?) but it does make me nervous. My husband feels he doesn't have enough guns. Which I always thought, 'you have over 10 different makes and models, we should be fine', until I realized he meant - he doesn't have enough to be able to give to our extended family, neighbors or friends who don't have any, that type of thing. (Could I love him anymore! so thoughtful ...)

Since this was so 'heavy', I wanted to also post some funny cartoons, (Far side) which I absolutely think are just great!      


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