Friday, January 15, 2010

My very 1st Blog Design AS A NOVICE!

Ok - I am so tired of looking at a half finished blog! My precious buttons are gone, my links to AWESOME sites, everything my blog was is in hiatus .... UNTIL MONDAY!!
(Say it with me ... *WHEW!*)
Firsty - a huge thank you to "2 Kids & a Cat", for her amazing tip (which was seriously, all I needed to get everything I'd made via Photoshop into a workable code, so much love to her - also, she's starting out as well, so those of you who are so inclined, wander over & check her site out) <--- oh yeah, and my site meter is gone :(
Anyway, then wonderful Jess over at So Stylized, offered her services, which I was quick to accept, as she has some amazing designs going on at her site (again, check her out), so by Monday - I'll be finnnnished! So, my big unveiling will happen Monday - along with my first review, AND - I have some giveaways coming up - that you are going to love!
AND - as an added bonus - because I have so few followers, the chances of winning just went through the roof! (Which is why you should pay special attention to the 'Tweet' & 'Blog' options, as they are worth much more than 1 entry!)
AND (I know ... they just keep coming) I'm teaming up with Half Crazy Mommie, for extra entries, as she is doing some great giveaways as well, I'd go check her out.
I'm very excited for the coming month (or what's left of it I guess) new blog, new reviews/giveaways, new venture ... what could be more time consuming, & helpful than that?

Til then - xx

2 reactions!:

Chanda the Eco-Cheap Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by today! The Friday Follow was a great way to find new blogs(like I needed any more!) and lots of followers. Anyway, good luck with the design process. I just did mine and it took forever it seemed. I got a lot of help from the tech tutorials at I couldn't have done it without them!
Good luck!

Melissa said...

thanks for the follow , i am now following you . I would love for you to do that for me feel free to get backj at me either email or through blog . cant wait to see what you have

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