Monday, January 18, 2010


I need anyones, & everyones advice (again) - this time it's with Insomnia. Currently the time is 3:44am, I can't sleep, my entire body feels like I went hiking for the day, decided to run all the way home, & then went for a 3 hour swim. I ache all over, & the worst part? My mind feels bright eyed & bushy tailed (whoever invented that expression had to be imagining a squirrel. Yanno how they look when their tail is twitching, their ears flicking & eyes roaming over every little thing that moves - in other words, alert times 5)
I'm about at the end of my rope. I get cranky when I'm like this - but to be fair, I'm not a basket of roses at the best of times, but with no sleep, I'm pure evil.
And the worst part is, I'm worried my poor, defenseless children will bear the brunt of my bad temper tomorrow, or any other day until I can sleep. So, can anyone help a girl out?
I've tried everything, from baths to cloves (seriously), warm milk, oils, vigorous workouts near bedtime, I basically want anything anyone can hand me that's not a prescription.
Don't get me wrong - in the proper form, I see nothing wrong with prescription medication (followed as directed) but I've tried Ambien, and honestly I HATE them. With an unbridled passion usually reserved for dictator speeches. I C-A-N-N-O-T stand the stuff, I once called my mother in law & rambled on and on for days - & remembered nothing the next day. It was always like that - I would remember nothing.
So if you have any suggestions, I'm game. I mean, I'll probably go as far as physical danger at this point. Old wives tales from the 1500's are welcome too. That's how serious I am.

Also -  *HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY*, of course, most of us have our children home today, but here's another question - do your kids know much about Dr. King? To be honest - we studied Dr. King in New Zealand for about 5 minutes, so my knowledge of him is very, very limited. So do your kids know about his heroism? Just curious ...

Ok ladies, I'm off to watch a movie till my kids get up :(

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sheila said...

Yes, Happy MKL day, and yes, my kids know all about him. (mine are older but I taught them young, even before they earned in school).

As for sleeping, I agree with you on no prescriptions. I hate when I can't sleep, I end up getting really pissed off at myself come 3 or 4 am, lol.

Here's what I do that usually works.
Read in bed.

Meditate in bed. Either get a meditation tape and lay there in darkness or just focus on the sound of your breath going in...and out. Try to push all other thoughts out and just focus on your breath.

If you use a tape or cd, it might be nice at first because you can focus on a soothing voice.

Don't get up when you are done, just lay there and relax.

How about spritzing some lavender on your pillow? (essential oil mixed with a bit of water)

Good luck. It'll pass. Sounds like you just have a lot of stuff running through your mind. Clear your mind. You'll sleep.

Anonymous said...

Over from the Friday Follow...

Insomnia- the only time I really had it was when I was pregnant. I would get up for no reason and be up for like, 3 hours at a time.

Passing the time? No problem. I was on Facebook, my blog, anything I could do to be somewhat productive... but getting back to sleep? Yikes.

Maybe it is a phase or hormonal or something.. but I am not sure how to bear through it except just to get through it. When you wake, get out of the bed. Try not to fully "wake up" by turning on lights. Read or Write... something quiet.

I hope it gets better.

starnes family said...

You sweet thing! So sorry you can't sleep. That's tough. My doctor once prescribed Ambien to me when I had the flu. So that I was ensured some sleep. Odd, huh? I took it and now realize why it's so dangerous!

I have 3 kids and asked my oldest today why he was out of school, who we are honoring, etc. He knew it all! So proud.

Hope Monday isn't too rough. Can you nap with the kids?

The Photographer said...

I have been dealing with insomnia for a while and just went on a two day..NO sleep stint...not fun. I thought I was going crazy, but I read a really good thing that helped me.

Don't worry about sleeping, if you just let go and don't care, sleep will come.

Don't worry about tomorrow either, today has enough worries.

That advice totally helped me. I jus relaxed and chilled out ( didn't worry about having a blog post) and tada...the sleep came, it was my best sleep I've had in about a year~

Hoping you get sleep from one insomniac to another!

Pamela said...

Happy MLK day to you too! I assume that you are now living in the US? It's never too late to learn about MLK. There are movies made about his life. Perhaps you can watch a movie about MLK or go to the many websites and read about his life and what he did for this country. To commemorate his life, my family and I are going to work in a soup kitchen today. We will serve the needy as MLK was a servant.

Jayne Martin said...

Try sprinkling a few drops of organic lavender oil on your pillow. Make sure it's organic and you can get it at a health food store or you can buy it online at It doesn't stain at all and it's scent is very good for helping you relax.
Thanks for stopping by injaynesworld and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog design looks terrific. - Jayne

dymphna said...

i have struggled with insomnia off and on for years! I usually can't sleep at night when I'm feeling depressed or worried. Here are a few of my tips. If something is on your mind and that's the reason you can't sleep, write down what's bothering you, sometimes that helps. Take Magnesium. Lavender Really does help. Best of Luck.

Audrey said...

Went for coffee with some other female bus drivers a while back. Do you have a herbal shop close to you? They were saying that Magnesium will help with sleeping. Apparently you can get Magnesium/Calcium mix in liquid form that doesn't taste to bad. Check it out.
I have gone through those spurts too, they usually last about a month or so then it's back to normal.

Audrey said...

Oh - I am following you now and have added your button to the right sidebar of my blog!

MRP said...

I am somewhat of an insomniac... it's just hard for me to sleep. I haven't ever tried prescription or OTC meds for it.. I'm too skeered. lol Don't want to have to depend on them for sleep. ;)
Thanks for stopping by! I'm now following your blog!

Tracie said...

My kids and my husband are home today. Shoot. Me. Now.

Have you tried melatonin? If you try it, start with the lowest dose and work your way up.

Gay Vaughan said...

Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment! You have THE most creative blog title that I think I have true, as I currently have a 20 year old still in the house! Can't help with the insomnia because I am usually a brick when I hit the bed. Try to have a great day off!

Chacoy said...
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Chacoy said...

oh how i love the Inmate ADC#200930-lol too funny!

i am an insomniac too: hence the 5-6 am email;}
i suffer from severe migraines and they thought that it was because of no shut eye- i got a perscription for ambien and lets just say that it didn't help, i was in the same "what the?" situation as you, my balance was off, and i didn't sleep, i was so scared that i would die- so than i started to get panic attacks;{ thanks to ambien and the dr that perscribed her "miracle."
i don't have any advice for you because i can not sleep either;{
but it does sound like these girls have some awesome remedies;} btw, when i try reading and writing, it makes me sleepy but by the time i hit the pillow i am back to being a cracked out squirrel- which would be fine if i could actually vacuum, iron, do some laundry etc. but i definately don't want company while i am in cracked out squirrel mode!
i can't wait to hear your results!
it's like you partied like a rock star without the benefits of the party;{
**sending sleepy thoughts your way(for tonight) of course**!

CM said...

Happy MLK day! Thanks for the follow! Back at ya!

Dealightfully Frugal said...

Thank-you for stopping by and following. I am now following you.

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

Thanks for following Joe! I LOVE the name of your blog. And I have the opposite problem, I wish I could stay up round the clock. Even after I have coffee at night I can still fall right asleep.

Katie said...

I would tell you to drink the Sleepy Time Tea but I don't think C will let you, so you gotta come to my house and drink it before you go home. I bet if you stayed the night here with me you could sleep. I'll just kick T out of the bed and we can have a slumber party. (tell C with pics.) lol Call me later A's really sick :( and I need to go to the store and still wash my hair.

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by and following me. I will be doing the same. I usually read before I go to bed and that helps. But sometimes I am like you. I may wake up at like 3 or 4 a.m. I just lay there and finally go back to sleep..

Mocha Princess Aurora said...

Thanks For teh Visit and Add!! You seem to be lucky like me!!! I just need to get on those cash prizes ;) LOL!

Missy said...

I have insomnia. It sucks.
The things I try to do is to go to bed every night at the same time and get up every day at the same time. Don't take a nap, no matter how tired you are. If you wake up in bed and know that you will not go back to sleep immediately, get up out of bed and do something else. Use your bed only for sleeping; no reading or watching TV.

Other then that, I have no suggestions. When I get really bad, I take Tylenol PM just so I can get some sanity back.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Unknown said...

Stopping by to follow you back! Thanks for dropping in at my blog. As far as insomnia, I just kick my husband out of bed! (Well, not really.) My husband struggles with insomnia the same way, though. He just stays up all night until he is exhausted and he can't help but sleep! I hope that you get some sleep soon!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit and follow, returning the favor!

I didn't read all the advice, so if this is a repeat, I am so sorry.

If you can't fall asleep, some of my friends take melatonin capsules, (melatonin is the sleep horomone) which you can get at a health food store. There are two kinds, one will help you fall asleep, and one is a time release, which helps you fall asleep and helps you stay asleep.

Finally, don't do anything in bed but sleep and sex. Don't read, don't journal, don't watch TV. If you are in bed, you are sleeping. If you wake up, and still feel sleepy, stay in bed and meditate. Clear your mind. Don't worry about not sleeping, don't start running over tomorrow's schedule.

If you wake up and feel bright eyed, try to lull yourself back to sleep. If you can't sleep, get up and do something that is non-simulating. Lay on the couch with soft music playing and dimmed lights and relax.

Hope you are just having a horomone flux (pre-menopause?) and will get back to sleep!

Unknown said...

Another insomniac...I've resolved that it's a motherhood symptom. For me, when my 3 were babies, I was so releived when I finally got them all tucked in and late night was my "me time". That's when I knew I could do things without bothering anyone or being interrupted. babies are now 18, 14 and 9 and I STILL get my best energy and creativity late at night. I've learned to just go with the can't go without sleep forever! I figure my body will get what it needs when it needs it:) I know that is no help...LOL...just how I deal with the issue!

Following you back from your Friday follow:)

Here's to a good nights sleep...maybe tonight ?!?! :D


Cara said...

Thanks for stopping by we are following too! I think the insomnia comes and goes...when it happens to me I find it's best not to fight it. I get up and watch a movie, blog, fold laundry, clean so I don't have to do it the next passes. I think the more you fight it the worse it gets. I do enjoy a Tylenol PM now and again...they work for me. Thanks for following!! Be back soon! Cara

Anonymous said...

My hubby has insomnia also, it drives him crazy!
He says he has just come to the fact that he is not suppose to sleep.
He has been to doctors, they act like it is nothing major. He has been subscribed all the meds, Ambien not my favorite. He was out of it within 5 minutes of taking it and was sleep eating, sleep talking and coming up with some hair brain ideas for youth activities about marshmellows and ketchup. The kids ran and got the video camera and took pics of him while he was doing all these crazy things, he was slurring his words and could hardly stand up. He remembered nothing either. When he saw the video, down the drain they went.
He hates the meds too.

We was diagnosed with Sleep apnia, he has a machine and it has helped some, but he still have times or cycles if you will, that he can go days without sleep.
I am very interested in this thread. I sure hope you get some help. It is such a pain to see someone go through this when you feel you can do nothing to help.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by my blog.
I followed you back today.
Stop by anytime and I am looking forward to your first giveaway.
God Bless.

Stacy said...

I am a Friday Follower and a fellow insomniac. Should be a blog all it's own. I too hate Ambien but have had better luck with Ambien CR. I think it works much better. I have tried all kinds of over and prescription meds. Things work for a bit and then stop. I am nursing, you know for like the 7th year. Not the same kid don't freak. Really just been pregnant or nursing so I can't take anything very often anyways. Melatonin works ok, but it worried me to take something that isn't regulated at all. Best advice I think is the same time bed and awake every night and morning. And every so often take something to sleep. Tylenol PM works good but makes me hung over and grumpy. My doc used to tell me if it was dark outside I could lay down and sleep. If it was light I had to be up. Something about circadian rhythms, Google it I guess. Good Luck!!

Juliana said...

Hope you had a nice MLK day...enjoying your blog and looking forward to following. I need to enter your giveaway. I am doing my 3nd one right iPod Nano and my 2nd an inSytler. Come on by!

Unknown said...

Thank you for following me, thank you very much for your kind comment, but thank you the biggest for your donation
you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am now following you as well, i have insomnia as well, i usually can not fall asleep before 6-7am :(
i just had a friend recommend to wear a "rose quartz" in a necklace, i have heard that many times, but never tried it.

let me know if you try it, i will let you know if i try it.
as far as presc. meds, i tried 25mg of seroquel, girl i loved it!! no drugged effects, just such a relaxed feeling that soothes me to sleep, and no after effects either. i only decided to stop to see if i could do it on my own, but im failing miserably, lol

Suzi said...

for starters thanks for the follow over at confessions of a fitness instructor - I'm returning the favour :)

I too suffer from insomnia, and let me tell you, teaching a 9am exercise class and having to be super perky and pleasent on no sleep is not cool.

I have had limited success having a bath using epsom salts before bed, drinking lemon balm tez (which unfortunately tastes nothing like lemon, and more like just plain leaves), and aromatherapy (the lavendar scent suggested already). I used to go to a naturopath and she had me on 5-HTP (available at health food stores) and then it stopped working and she put me on magnesium citrate (which I do find helps). Good luck finding something thatworks for you. I can't even imagine insomnia coupled with young kids ~shudder~ that sounds like a leatal combo!!

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