Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pary ideas anyone?

Guess what I did today? I spoke in church! If you're a member of the LDS faith, you know how many people make an appearance on Sundays ... in our ward, close to 300. (We just split, so there's not as many as there would have been a few months ago!) I was holy COW nervous, but I got through it like a pro. But the only thing keeping me from throwing up on the stand, was watching my brave, brave kids standing there bearing their testimonies, and speaking with zero fear. I mean, the boogie man himself would have been impressed at the fear-free aura they exuded. (ahh, to be a kid) But alls well that ended well, we got through it like champs, but what's even funnier is that after we were finished, I didn't feel that rush of relief I expected too, I felt ... nothing. I could do it again next week if I had too!
Huh, me who is afraid of public speaking and avoids it like the plague, getting up again next week? Crazy!

Well, I have another birthday party coming up. Only this time I have to come up with some games, instead of taking them to some entertainment facility, because my daughter (who will be turning 7,) seven! She was just in diapers yesterday! Has decided she wants a "home party", with her best friend sleeping over (naturally) and I'm fresh out of ideas. So if you have any games that you pull out and dust off around birthday party time, please let me know. I have my few tired & true games, but most of them aren't known in this country (they're all from New Zealand, when I was growing up) so I need to gear up & throw some curve balls into my arsenal of games. Any help is appreciated, because I'm all out of ideas, and as my smart mouth precocious daughter made clear "please don't screw my party up Mom" Ahh, the love! Of course normally I would respond with a "What was that? Do you want this party or not young lady?" I saw the real fear and anxiety in her eyes.
She's past that age where I can cover my bluffs and mistakes up with kisses & hugs, and that makes me sad. She's had a mini-adult moment, she doesn't want her friends to laugh at a so-so party, she wants to be "in", "popular" all that jazz. Man, I'm getting too old for this!
So let me know if you have any great game ideas to help me save the day.

This is the birthday girl at 3. Any younger pictures would probably make me cry, she was so little! Of course, she's still a waif of a mouse, she had failure to thrive, so she's always been small, and now weighs at 6 (6 and 3/4, as she would say) 35 pounds. Isn't she a doll?

Also, one more thing, if you have my button, and I don't have yours - let me know! I know I was meant to have a few more up, but can't remember whose button I'm supposed to have! Annnnd .. my new blog face-lift should be ready soon. I am SO EXCITED! :D

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~*~*~*~*~ said...

Hi there. At my daughter's last birthday she turned 8, so the same age range. We did a craft the girls LOVED! I bought some cheap t-shirts in men's medium and large to fit as night shirts (she had a slumber party). I then took a group photo of the girls at the begining of the party, and printed it out on iron on paper. They took turns CAREFULLY (with me right there) ironing their pic onto their shirts. They decorated and signed eachothers shirts with fabric pens. They really loved it, and it took a good hour or so of their time. I was amazed at how focused and calm they all were while creating their night shirts. You could also iron them onto all kinds of different things too. Hope this helps

Audrey said...

Good luck with the b-day! My baby turned 18 in December. Where does the time go?
I have something for you on my blog!
Have a great week!

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Congrats on making it through speaking in sacrament. That's a big deal!
Good luck with the birthday!

Colleen said...

oh you have a little peanut like me...always so tiny, buta cutie.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope your daughter has a fun party! I always think that musical chairs is a fun bday party game. Maybe a treasure hunt or something too.

Susan said...

Woohoo on the talk! We've fortunately been able to stay low in our ward, so no talking assignments yet, but I know that by saying this I will be asked to talk pretty soon.

Crafts are great, how bout asking them to make up little skits, or something real active to get them to sleep later (because we all know sleep over parties never "sleep")

Liz Mays said...

It's been a long time since I had to dig into my arsenal of tricks! I hope you come up with something though!

Kimberly said...

Good Luck!

We did stained glass Poodle paintings for my daughters birthday party. The girls really had a great time.

Corrie Howe said...

I'm not a fancy birthday throwing mom. I hope you come up with some fun ideas. My baby (as in the youngest) is turning 8 this year.

Chacoy said...

I have a boy, so anything with a ball, dirt, or grass is good enough for them;}(lol)

I loved scavenger hunts, and how fun would that be? Or how about a "lil" spa thingy? Oh try giving them a ball, dirt, or grass;} teehee

BTW- she is adorable;} my neice is a peanut too, they are fun to buy clothes for in between the baby, toddler, regular girl section;}

Thanks for stopping by, I L-O-V-E her quilts(they are a great price)& hope to be able to make them as good as hers one day & it's not very often that a etsy seller will give you advice on their craft;}
p.s i am going to be having a giveaway at the end of all of the features, but it's a suprise to the feature visitors;}yay!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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